What do you think thank you

Hi What do you think for this setting 12s7p 30Q vesc 6 2 motor sk3 63/74

Please list is this one motor , dual or quad list set up please a better understanding

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I change it tank you Yes is 2 motor sk3 63/74

But are these specs per motor or for both together? For what max Amp is your BMS rated? Motor Max and Min sounds about alright (quite powerful). Got this from a mate. Running the Max currently at 60A which is sooo powerful compared to my previous setting.

I think is for one motor Is the setting I do on the vesc tool My bms is 150A

What vesc are you using for make 80a

Focbox 10char

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Focbox 80a I was thinking is 60 max And what is it 10char Sorry i’m New

It is One motor

I don’t know the specs of the focbox on top of my head (google may help). A post has to be at least 10 characters long otherwise you can’t submit it