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What do you use to protect your motor?

As that title states, what do you use to protect your motor?

I noticed that some motor mounts are slightly larger than the motor and will provide some protection, but it may still scrape the motor if the board is at an angle.

I think i saw someone’s build on here with a 3D printed casing that went over the motor, but I’m not sure where it was.

Anyway, do you use something to protect your motor? Or do you just let it get beat up?

I am wanting to increase the longevity of my setup and some kind of protective casing for the motor seemed logical.

I have mine open with no cover. It doesn’t get bashed up though. It is close to the deck so it never really hits anything. I think a motor cover looks awesome though, I might try and design one on 123D.

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Duct tape around the can…

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I was thinking of using PVC heat shrink. The stuff that is used to wrap custom battery packs

Duct tape comes is all the colors of the rainbow … And then some lol

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My motor (sk3) is totally nude. No problems so far, but I know that over time particulates will get in and I’ll have to clean it.

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No protection, my motors are pretty beat up but they keep on running.

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I plan to use a 3d printed motor cover. I don’t want to use tape or heat shrink since that would block all air movement and hence increase the temperature of the motor.


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There are a couple of motor covers on thingiverse. Here’s one:

I usually use duct tape, also.

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I protect my motor with these! :wink:


Get me some magnums cus I got a 8080 can

Still awful camera work but it tells a little.
Anyone who likes my video 1000 times I’ll throw some candy in your box of motors if you buy them

How about a layer of truck bed coating on the can?

you have to be careful with anything spray or anything uneven. A uneven brushless motor can vibrate and damage itself. and spray can get inside the widings and causing electrical shorts/insulate leading to heat melting wiring and destroying motors.