What do you want in a E-Board/Longboard headlight/taillight?

I have some of these on my car, might consider putting them on the skateboard too. But the price…



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They are way to expensive. Just go with something cheap. That price is ridiculous

Yeah definitely too expensive for skateboard lights. But I like how small they are with the Lumans they have.

try this, its cheap and extremely powerful. the lumen rating is fake, but they are definitely enough for a longboard

I would love something somewhat modular. It’d be nice to be able to take it off my board and throw it on another without much hassle. Maybe extra mounts? I get the appeal of it running off the battery but yeah. Sometimes the board i wanna ride is dead or being fixed. Would be nice to have the option to somewhat quickly swap to another board.

I’m sick of amazon lights with crappy mounting brackets, make a good one that won’t rattle apart and I’d be happy. Adjustable angle from 0 to -20 would be fab too. I love using my battery pack as a power source.

The cheap lights are actually fine if you pour silicone or glue all over the insides, I got lights that both broke in under a minute (I ride brick with hard wheels) but a coating of hot glue has them stable for over 10 hours of abuse

That’s a great point, as the current design is the light easily snaps into and out of the mount securely so you can move the light from one board to another with a single hand, assuming of course you have a mount installed on each board.

That was one of my primary engineering specifications when I made them the first time around; I wanted to be able to easily charge them and use them in my hand without having to spend more than 5 seconds taking them out of the mount.

If I do a new redesign that gains enough support I would include both the removable (modular) and rechargeable lights as well as a board powered light (that would likely have higher brightness due to no longer needed to worry about recharging) :wink:

Honestly that was my one of my first motivating factors when I designed these; I had bought several lights that literally either fell off mid ride or had their mounts falling apart after a week. It’s expensive for a college student haha

The angle is a feature that a few people have brought up that I am heavily considering. My new prototype design currently features about +5, -10 degrees of angle but I may increase the depression angle in the final design. I may even remove the positive elevation because this light is very bright, and may actually be a bit too bright for cars; but ideally you would have it adjusted to ~0 degrees for most situations anyway. I will probably leave it as an option for the rider.

Very soon i’ll be posting some pictures of a prototype mount (both cad and printed) and messaging a few of the people who were interested in testing out the light/mount for me and sending out one or two of them.

Ultimately, my goal is to sell these at a discount to anyone on the forum for the help you guys have given me in terms of insight into refining the new mount. I want to help the community as much as you guys have helped me :slight_smile: I may even give a few lights away :wink:

Thanks again for the suggestions

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Sounds good, I look forward to seeing what you got!

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Alright everyone i’ve got my first working prototype completed. :clap:

It tests all of the basic functionality I am interested in, and includes a ~-10 degree depression and +5 elevation. It can be adjusted with just your hand.

It utilizes the lights slide clip system which is wonderfully secure, robust, and easy to operate imo.

The light can be removed with a single hand, and has some protection on each side to mitigate damage from impact. The light itself is rated to IPX5; so it is waterproof to sprays from any direction and can survive a 2m drop test.

I will get some night photos soon but it is very bright and should be easily the best performing light you can buy for a long board.

I am going to take a look through the list of people that wanted to test the light and send out 3 lights and mounts to people.

If you are especially interested in testing a light send me a PM as a few already have. I am looking for somebody that rides avidly and is an active forum member who can give me feedback efficiently. I am involving whoever tests the light in the design process and will be asking for input on what they think the light does or does not need, and I may even come back to these people in the future as I develop other stuff.

Here are some pictures :slight_smile: IMG_20190526_135347 IMG_20190526_135419 IMG_20190526_135434 IMG_20190526_135441 IMG_20190526_135452 IMG_20190526_135511