What do you want in a E-Board/Longboard headlight/taillight?

Hi all!

I am reaching out with questions to the community on what people looking for headlights or taillights for their boards really want from their lights! I hope this is the right place, and if not please let me know :slight_smile:

About a year ago I designed a long board mount for the Blitzu 180H and 180T which are rechargeable 180 Lumen lights with several brightness settings as well as flash capability. They are great, super bright lights that are over 2x brighter than anything else offered for boards. I have sold about 15 sets of the lights over the time I have had them for sale (taking them on and off Etsy randomly) but have a major problem with Blitzu keeping the 180H headlight in stock.

Here are the lights: Etsy

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As such I am going through a redesign for the mounts to use the Gator 320 headlight, which is a 320 lumen headlight that is 4x brighter than anything available. I am beginning to think it is overkill!

So If you have the patience to read all of that, I am reaching out to ask 3 questions.

What is your primary selling point when buying lights? Please choose one, or two max. This is your one or two absolute selling points, assuming the rest are added benefits.

  • Brightness (Distance)
  • Brightness (Large Spread)
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic Appeal

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What do you consider to be a reasonable price point for a high quality set of lights (headlight/taillight)?

  • 50-60
  • 60-70
  • 70-80

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Are you as a community member willing to test a prototype headlight mount design for me, for free?

  • Yep
  • Nope

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, I have heard from a few of my customers that they are really disappointed with the availability of lights, and those that exist are low quality for the price. I want to change that!


Beam throw needs to be a concern if it isnt.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I agree, that is an important aspect; especially if someone is trying to be seen from everywhere!

I’ve added that as a sub-option for the brightness selection

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I think I goofed the top poll. My bad if I did.

maybe you should limit it to only one choice? or two?

:unamused: You took the everything option away lol

Or maybe you should learn how to human sometime.

well I want them all, call me a glutton.

New pen is a little strong sorry o_O

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Boy bring your ass to Thunder Mountian this year and i will show you a little strong. Unless youre under 21. If so, shut your mouth about oil pens before you get a whole heap of trouble your way lol. Descrection boy. Learn some lol


Haha yea, sorry about that.

My intent was to have people vote for what they think is absolutely necessary, assuming the other things are added benefits.


I didn’t realize I can submit my vote again, just fixed it :slight_smile:

Cool thanks!

I refined the post to be clear, but I appreciate your vote either way! Have a great night :slight_smile:

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I think what should really be in a light is a way to run it from 50v to 30v, and a way to tune the focus spot (tilt and spread)

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Im interested to see how this turns out. I just want to see lights have have a built in current and voltage regulator to run off the boards main battery. I moved away from flashlights due to constantly needing to change out expensive disposable alkaline batteries.

Interesting, so you don’t mind a light being permanently mounted so long as it can be charged with the boards power source.

These lights are rechargeable and removable, and before I began selling them I wouldn’t charge them for 1-2 weeks. I imagine heavier users would benefit from a permanently mounted light running/charging off the boards battery.

I’ll keep that in mind! It might be an optional add on where I can fit a buck converter or USB charge manager into the mount itself with leads running off to be wired into the board. That way those that are interested in never having to remove the light to charge it can just plug it into the boards battery.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I’m running 16W of lights and I’d go for a few more…but the lifetime is already kinda low. Main battery power opens up a lot more options for power

External power is a big plus - Especially if we have onboard controllers that can supply power/turn them on at startup or using a remote.

I always use these lights because they have a nice focus and width balance and are incredibly bright.

Because they have a 3 brightness modes, it means it has a built in current regulator. Leds change brightness based on current. I just hook it up to a stepdown converter that can supply a minimum of 1 amp to prevent overheating of itself.

I should also mention, i like having an adjustable mounting angle (think gopro mount) so i can change it for different terrain. If i am on roads at speed, i want longthrow. If i am offroad i want to see very clearly what is a few feet in front so i drop the angle down a bit.


Those seem nice! Although I am a bit skeptical of the 12,000 Lumen output! A car typically outputs 2500 Lumens for comparison haha

Are these waterproof and durable? I will not be able to use the existing Blitzu headlights with a dedicated power source as they are rechargeable. I will ultimately be doing a heavily redesigned mount for whatever light I use for a board-powered headlight/taillight.

I can really see the advantage of a board powered light, though! I am seeing options for VESC control of lights popping up and the idea of being able to toggle headlights on/off with your controller and/or a taillight that “brakes” when you brake would be super cool. If you were to mount these to your board similarly to how the current design is mounted, would you prefer the power cable to come out the bottom of the mount (where you could go through the trucks OR through the deck itself by drilling a hole) OR out the back/side/front of the mount where you could route it around the top of the board before going through the deck somewhere else?

Keep the idea’s flowing, I would love to tailor a solution for the community and these are things I have not thought of before so I appreciate the insight.

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For me the ideal solution would be a bracket that acted like an x protector and clamped with the truck bolts and had the wire run down through that with a gasket to keep it dry. Some form of light bar with 4 - 8 big LEDs like the T6 at half power should be enough

And ideally run it through channel 2 of the remote to control intensity and shut down when the system is off

The lumen output is incorrect of course. Chinese flashlights always have ridiculous claims. They are dust and water resiatant for sure.

The idea of a vesc powered light is cool, but it seems like an extra complexity where as a stepdown converter and power switch is pretty simple.

The power cord is not really an issue for me, i would make it work however it has to.