What happened to my wheel?

any idea what might have caused this to happen to my wheel?

and more importantly - how do I avoid it happening again?

You probably ran over something hard/pointy/sharp. Lower duro wheels will be more susceptible to chunking like this. Harder duros last longer.

mmm maybe a bottle cap? looks that sort of shape/size.

i will order harder wheels next time i think. thanks for the tip @Jinra

Could be anything really, just try to avoid hard objects when riding. Keep in mind harder duros also give a rougher ride.

I had some 75a seizmic speedvents. Hardly a second rate longboard wheel by any means. However, they chipped and chunked away until they were unrideable. It has more to do with the formula used to produce the urethane than it does the durometer.

Often the color choice and opacity can be the wheels downfall.


I had my authentic 97mm 78A flywheels for around a year now and they’re still going strong. My (also authentic) 8~ month old 97mm 75A flywheels have started to chunk on 3 of the 4 wheels. I switch boards every other ride so I’d say i’ve been riding them fairly evenly.


@psychotiller interesting insight there, thanks

I am actually considering going to something with an inner tube, the streets here in London are awful, the pavements are really bad and most of the roads are so rough they are not enjoyable to ride on due to the vibrations.

This is my first build with a cheapo maple deck on purpose so I could work out what I really need/want before I replace the deck and any other parts I might need to.

I use the board to commute and massive speed is not my thing, but I do want to keep my build as stealthy as possible so I can just kick past any bored looking police who might otherwise see me a bit of sport for the morning…


@Jinra do you think it’s a luck of the draw sort of thing with each batch of wheels? Are the two sets of wheels you mentioned the same color?

Yea same exact wheels besides duro. The ride on the 75A’s noticeably smoother so I think it’s just the softness not the formulation, but I’m not sure.

I know a guy :grin:



@psychotiller I thought you might :grin:

Keep in touch! We occasionally have demo’s for sale too.

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ohh nice! I will definitely keep in touch. (You’ll also find me lurking on here at lot)

they are some lovely looking wheels sir!

Could you tell me what is the wheel size please? I couldn’t see it on your site and would like the info to do gearing calcs.

They are 6" x 2" and are offset about a half an inch which allows the room to possibly mount 2 6355 motors on a 184mm truck. (depends on chosen belt width)

The come with 42t or 60t pulleys. I have personally run them both ways with 14t to 17t motor pulleys with strong results.

This is running a single 245kv motor @6s with 17t/42t pulleys.

thanks for the info @psychotiller

i am getting some crazy estimated top speeds with the gearing you suggested with my 192 motor :slight_smile:

Yeah, I chuckle to myself a little bit when people brag about top speeds…sneaky sneaky

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