What happened to Tacon 160s?

As I continue to read about peoples builds, tacon 160s are regarded as mythical due to their performance and price. Will they ever be back in stock? Does anyone know what happened to them?

Gone forever unfortunately but Enertion motors are very similar except with some improvements and a lower kv. They are also made at the same place the tacons used to be made. Many say the Enertion’s motors are overpriced but they really are not so dont be discouraged by the high price.

I don’t think they are made by the same people. Tacon is made by XYH according to rcgroups.

Did a little digging

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Some people have a couple stashed :wink:

There is no way they are gone forever. They have never been able to keep them in stock because they were so good. They’ll be back.

Jason said to me that they aren’t made by XYH. So they can’t be made at the same place as Tacon unless Tacon isn’t made by XYH…

Back on topic… I think there will be another batch of them eventually.

Thanks for the info! Though they were gone forever.

Good to know.

Same end bells, same packaging, same bearings…same factory

So you are saying Jason was lying? I doubt that. He is a really honest guy.

He said tacon is a brand not a factory which isn’t a lie…they are made at the same factory and out of the same parts.

He said to me in a DM that they aren’t made by XYH. Tacon is apparently made by XYH. Maybe @onloop can confirm.

Anyone know the actual manufacturer?