What happened to the D140?

I’m looking for a 12s BMS that can handle 8A charging so I try buying a D140 and all of them are gone, nobody seems to be selling them anymore? esk8life says they don’t carry and BKB is out of stock with no promise of restock as far as I can tell

Any idea where I can get a reliable BMS for around $30? Just gonna bypass it because I’m running a nice ESC but it should still take 8A charge

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I’m also looking for a charge only 12s BMS. Also surprised it’s not that easy to find them, I think if we expand our search to ebay, alibaba and etc we would be ok but then not sure what’s good enough.

btw, bkb told me 2-3 weeks to have the D140 again

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Authorized bestech dealer.



Thanks for the link. Not the OP but helps me as well.

Does anyone have links for JST cables that would fit the D140 12s?

Edit: maybe these http://litechpower.com/connectors/index_2.html However I will probably solder them.

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I bought the D239 from Litech (http://litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D239LI10S08A-07.html) a while ago and the JST cable was included, I think it’s the same with the D140 BMS.

The D140 http://www.litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D140LI12S15A-05.html# has 2 sets of 9 pin JST connectors though, its supposed to be 9 pin and 4 pin

its just the pictures.

Nah the D140 uses two cables 9 + 4 instead of one 10 pin connector

Would it come with the pigtails? Li-Tech only lets you buy them in packs of 5 per type

Yeah they all come with JST Connectors

Why not to order some directly from bestech and sell the ones you don’t need. I‘m sure they gone pretty fast and you probably get your bms than even for free. :sweat_smile::ok_hand::tipping_hand_man:

I have some for sale, 10s and 12s, 30 bucks each not incl shipping

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If he doesnt by the 12s d140, i would like to buy one from you right now if possible as im looking for one too

How much is shipping roughly? And do you have the JST pigtails for them?

Don’t really know, maybe a couple bucks depending on where you are, and yeah, I mean all bmses are supposed to come with the plug for them

i bought the D140 from this source and cables was included


i’ve got more on order - they’re readily available…

my restock should be here in like…10 days, i think.

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Oh sweet, time isn’t an issue since I still haven’t got cells

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Maybe you will go with this here https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/