What happens if you don’t have a power switch and keep the Vesc always plugged in to the battery?

So my cheap ESC has died and I’m now on a quest upgrading it to VESC.

I bought two 4.20 VESCs from flipsky for my dual hub 10s2p mini board. Then I noticed that VESC also need a seperate remote, so in addition to the 2x60$ (net) I’ve spent, I now let go of another 50$ for the remote…

Neglecting the connectors and wires to assemble everything, I now happen to realize that vesc also need a power button… which happen to cost another briliant 50$(!)…

Now here comes my question…

How comes a cheap 50$ ESC can do

  • dual motor control
  • have its own dedicated remote control
  • shows the board’s battery on the remote itself
  • have a power button
  • have auto ON/OFF switch integration

, while the super sophisticated (expensive) VESC doesn’t?

why do I need a 50$ anti spark button to hardwarely disconnect the vesc from the batteries all the time?

I didn’t do that on my ESC… it simply went to sleep after few minutes…

Does the VESC never go to sleep? Whats the wattage consumption of the VESC while on idle? If its neglectable, can I simply leave it plugged in all the time?

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And before you say it… I know there’s a “cheap” option with the anti spark XT90 plug…

But thats just… no…

a. its ugly

b. its exposed plug a.k.a more problems (I’ve got enough already, thanks)

c. its not really that cheap…

plug set is about 10$, add the mounted XT90 port to make it a little bit solid, another ~8-10$, and lets find some silicone cover for that thing… we reach pretty close to the dedicated antispark switch…

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have you seen the new VESC 6 PLUS MKIII


Best vs cheap…Vesc MKIII last forever, pump more amps, lots of futures… Cheap, you get what you paid (actually you have not improve that much with Flipcheap…)…Also, XT-90, it is about you and your imagination to make it look nice and functional…

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unity and vesc 6 mkiii have switch. also loopkeys aren’t ugly. you just need some creativity. Case and point Pretty damn pretty IMHO Credit:https://forum./t/race-rocket-10kw-0-30mph-1-9-sec/4746

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Yeah I’ve seen this one, it’s amazing work and way beyond my skills and capabilities

They are probably willing to share the 3d printed files… other option is antispark switch but those pretty much always fails after a while