What happens if you power off the charge port?

So… If a battery (bms) has a dedicated charge and discharge connector and you plug your charging port into the esc (for eskate or ebike) will any thing bad happen either to battery, bms or esc?

It’s the same as when you hit the brakes. Depending on how it’s wired it could bypass your balance charging. Bad things could happen if you did it every single charge or if you used the wrong charger. It’d depend on your specific system, but it’s likely to be okay if you did it once or twice.

Basically using the charging port for discharge… No regen capabilities…

I thought he meant charging through the ESC connection, not discharging through the charge connection.

@accrobrandon Please add photos to clarify what you mean or be more descriptive

Sorry…this statement is correct… Although this more for my ebike I was interested in the actual thought… But my pack has a xt90 discharge… And xt60 charge connector.

My esc can accept both (with an adaptor I have) vuz I have a few different batteries I swap in as I make deliveries. Anyways… My xt90 adaptor to esc broke so I cant plug my normal battery in…but the xt60 recepticle is still fine… To which i know pose the question… This is only a temp issue for today as I can fix the connector when I get home… But out in the field I was stuck with either no power… Or use the charging input to discharge and run the bike home…

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I just wanted to wrap up with this pic… Its one of those eBay packs from alarmhookup … Which only have one connect for charge/discharge …hmmmmm

I guess its safe to do then right? =P

@accrobrandon I know this is an old thread but did everything work fine or did you run into issues?

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I dunno what I was even asking here lol… I was a noob for sure… Either way these batteries are still alive and kicking…actually just ripped a few of em apart and make a 6p master pack instead to save space… Anyways… Knowing what I know now… Lets say I still wpuldnt know anymore specs about the bms pictured than I did then. The packs ran but what safety features the bms offers is up for question. Wired like such yes it works and I had no issues but for my ebike its low current needs. Knowing a lot more about batteries… And bms… This setup would have been better for charge only with a seperate discharge plug… But there are plenty of bms that do charge/discharge off the same.port so I can only assume thats what this bms was.