What if i connect battery in parallel vs series. will the range of my e board remains same?

I have issue rewarding this i have 4pc 3s 5000mah lipo i am connecting them in series to make 12s pack but the capacity will remain same but in parallel capacity will 4 Times so both will give me same range or diff . . Urgent help pls

3s I too low voltage for E-boards. And to answer your question, yes your range will not increase if you take from voltage and give it to capacity. Or visa Versa. I have actually tested this theory and here are my results: 12s / 5ah = 10 miles 6s / 10ah = 10 miles

This test was based on same riding conditions and style

12S will give you a 4 times higher speed than 3S. But let’s say you ride with the 12S only the same speed. Then the 3S will give you a tiny little bit less range because the 4 times higher current heats up the battery cables from the battery to the ESC. But 3S isn’t usable. 6S would be more practice.

In reality the 12S system will be less efficient because with the higher speed you will ride the board harder faster.

It’s the same with single and dual drive. People think the dual drive needs 30% more energy but in reality they ride a dual drive much harder which results in a higher energy consumption.

Someone at my university is riding 3s with a 25 bucks hobby king car ESC for 1.5 years now and he is fine with that. I would make it dependent on your desired velocity.

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That’s awesome. Do you know what motor and gear ratio he is running?

I don’t know about the hearing ratio. He printer the pulleys and the motor mount though. It’s some 5055 motor but he rewound it so no clue about the kv

I run 10s and wouldn’t want anything less. But it’s awesome how builders can piece together an eBoard that works for their situation, in the above instance: a cash-strapped student needing something to get him around university campus. Beats an old shitty car any day.

oops, my mistake, I though you where the guy asking about putting his 4 3s lipos in parallel.

Nope, I’d rather run them in series :smile:

I heard that, I’m running 10s now and it’s kinda mellow after running 12s with dual direct drives.

How to do that?

I read some one said that the range remain same but actually what hapen if i am on 6s 10000mah lipo and my speed is 20kmph then on 12s 5000mah lipo my speed is double 40kmph then i will able to cover same distance with high speed hence the speed will remain same. 6s =20kmph complete 10 miles in 1 hr. 12s =40kmph complete 10 miles in 30 min

Your distance is determined by watt hours available and watts drawn. Watts= voltage x amps Watt hours= voltage x amp hours 50v x 5ah =250 watt hours 25v x 10ah = 250 watt hours This is why, when you take away volts to increase amps, the song remains the same. 6s full throttle will be like 12s at half throttle. Naturally if you run 12s at full throttle, you will be drawing more watts. Except for other factors that weigh in like momentum. Momentum will help you to use less watts if your on flat ground and not riding against a strong wind.

I want 40 km range board any idea how.much mah pack in nees of 12s

40km or 24miles is a lot of range. It will depend on many factors, your weight, riding conditions, riding style, gearing, voltage sag I can only guess based on my own experience. So here is my best guess for 40km or 24mi 12s and 10ah might get it with a belt drive and battery capable of at least 125a continuous

What Namasaki said its true, distance = power = watt (voltage x mah). As simple as that. However If i am not mistaken, running on full erpm are quite known to be efficient as BLDC motor benefits from that.