What if i remove the boardside bushing and change with a Spring ring for the board?

Springs works if you only change the boardside bushing and ride with lower speed less than 20km/h, it’s not a difficult work, you can try it, then you will find the difference. but i admit it’s not safe for higher speed, so we need to continue find a better solution.

That’s not gonna fly for 60% of people here.

If really in the early stages of product design and openly admitting it may not work & not just trying to hawk springs then this is the right place to do it.

But there will be a lot of resistance (dad joke intended)

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yes, agreed, most time i also ride the board over 20km/h, anyway, this little test is just for my own board improvement at this moment, im not going to make it on any product design at least not this moment. however in my opinion skateboard with electric already got something difference with the traditional skateboards, people won’t ride normal skateboard on bumps roads because their wheels don’t have enough power and if they force the board to ride over it, people will be 100%fall off, but this is not a issue for them because they can just pick it up and carry it easy, but e-board rider would like ride over the roads even with bumps because they have power and they don’t want to carry a heavy board to walk, also normal skateboard don’t have a speed over 20mph or even 30mph so they don’t the problem of speed wobble, but e-skateboard have, what i want to say is the all the design for normal sakteboard are ok, but for electric skateboard we still have room for improvement. if we back to the design principles of the skateboard truck and think more about it. we will learn and realize more things.

So I think the biggest problem you’re going to have is that a spring still needs to provide the same support as a bottom bushing, so its going to need to have the a similar stiffness, otherwise it won’t push into the top bushing enough for it to do its job.

The only suspension benefit therefore is going to be a better energy return, and possibly just a very slight increase in suspension travel due to a more linear progression in stiffness than bushing compression. But you’re not going to change the suspension travel drastically over what bushings can do.

Even if its not providing an noticeably improved shock absorption and ride comfort, that doesn’t mean its failing in suspensions other role of keeping the wheels in contact with the ground, which in longboards often only requires only very tiny amounts of travel, but may benefit from higher rebound.

Also I do see it as something that maybe can retain the hanger a little bit better. A bushing can compress side to side in the bushing seat allowing for slop in the hanger, but a spring is really only compressible along its length, and can support side to side loading.

@G-Motionboard I applaud you for the attempt, Good idea even if it didn’t work out. Keep thinking. Most people aren’t trying new ideas, minor changes and a rehash of the same old thing. So good on you.

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and my new idea is combining the bottom bushing with Spring together, i need the support from the bottom bushing and also want to absorb the shacking because what we are riding is a electric skateboard, we need that for better experience. even if i fail, i still learn a lot of things and on the other hand, i also have other alternatives. like customized high-elastic bottom bushing same time with softer wheels.

Thanks for your kind encourage. I love electric skateboard and i would like to explore more things from it. maybe we can make something difference.

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