What if i remove the boardside bushing and change with a Spring ring for the board?

hey,guys, i’ve been thinking about one issue, the flexibility of the deck is always limited especially when ride over bumps on the road,it’s not comfortable for me, so i start to find a solution to get better shock absorption, since there is no place for me to assemble a spring on the truck, or between the deck and truck, so i finally decide to remove the boardside bushing and change with a short Spring ring. and guess what ? it’s really much more comfortable riding on the road even with bumps but same time i also found another issue with this refit work, the steering and stable are not so good as before. it’s weak and too easy get oversteer, this is not safe for higher speed during the riding, but i do like the comfortable feeling, so i changed to use stronger and larger diameter spring rings. i already tested two yellow and blue springs with 20mm20mm (length and diameter) it’s not good enough i will continue to test /red/brown springs with 25mm25mm. to find the best solution, and post here. if you guys have any idea welcome to share and discuss here, thanks!

Spring-1 Spring-2 Spring-3 Spring-4

@Alphamail all yours :slight_smile:

Yikes, what are you getting me into?


Awesome idea!


Horrible idea. No damping—>speed wobble galore



@G-Motionboard that’s a terrible idea for a litany of reasons, not the least of which bud is it’s a serious hazard to your safety.

The spring can’t gain purchase on the washer with any consistency (it can move).

Here’s the best board feel build I know of, for the money. I can’t remember who typed this out first here on our forum yet they nailed it. Good hunting.

  • Caliber eCaliber trucks
    • Board Side Front > Riptide Krank 96a Barrel
    • Street Side Front > Riptide APS 92.5a Cone
    • Board Side Rear > Riptide Krank 96a Barrel
    • Street Side Rear > Riptide Krank 93a Barrel

thanks, man, yes you are right, no damping even i only changed the boardside bushing, i just wanna try and check what it will be.

Springs you say? Enjoy


appreciate! once i finish my test i’m sure to try some more suitable bushing and also try some more flexibility deck.

Eh, no real suspension dampening, but that may not be a problem. But there’s still steering dampening from the roadside bushing.

And there’s still friction dampening from the pivot and bushing as well.

I think this is a great experiment.


great thanks! your link brings me a lot of useful information. expect bad shock absorption on bumps road, we also need care about the speed wobble on higher speed, and there are also some people discussing and trying to solving this issue. so we can say in fact it’s about shock absorption on vertical direction between the truck and deck, and eliminate speed wobble on horizontal direction. now it’s more interesting!

No problems, but I may as well tell you that as an engineer(or sales) in a Chinese eskate factory we are typically not very interested in the typical product suite there is no doubt sitting in the background.

Also creating threads as questions wherein they are really vehicles for product placement will be frowned upon, especially if you start creating lots of threads asking ‘what does anyone’s think of this?’

As for you springs, read the thread I linked, basically you are going to get flamed today, weatherman says wear asbestos


really appreciate about your advice, i got your idea, and more important thing is i learned a lot of things from the thread of your link, and i have a new idea now which maybe works much better since i realize the key point of this issue. i will try to test my new idea asap.

Ok I’ll bite, how can a spring that size provide damping for a typical man-sized man and not this guy?image

Please incorporate the stabilizers, it seems the site that @skateboardstabilizer created is now up for grabs, so a total sprung solution could be possible

i’m afraid no, the idea of skateboardstabilizer maybe works on solving the issue of speed wobble, but sure not works for shock absorption.

What is the spring rate of your spring?

Have you factored in this equation for the typical baseplate angles in use? ACF=COS∠A°

the Yellow(TF) one is 50~58% test result: too soft the Blue(TL) one is 40~48% test result: too soft the Red™ one is 30~38% test result: good for shock absorption on bumps road, but easy got speed wobble, it means no problem with lower speed riding but when ride by higher speed, it’s dangerous cause of the truck will be not stable enough. and next one is Green(TH) but i can’t assemble it now since the boardside bushing is just 20mm(length) and the Spring is 25mm(length) and i can’t press it to fi with the screw bolt, i can do this with yellow/blue/even red springs but too hard with this, so i need cut if shorter or get a longer screw bolt to try. but i already give up this now, i need try a new way.

I just don’t understand how you can find the space to fit a spring with a viable spring rate(?) that has compression left in it with an adult on board.

In my experience the thickness of the spring profile would need to be as thick as a pencil, that’s not what I’m seeing ^

Here is a spring rate table, % is not a valid figure for spring rate, maybe that is something specific to the application those springs were originated produced for image

Who cares! Let the guy put a spring on his board and ride. If it works then hooray for him. If it doesnt work, he’ll go back to the drawing board. Science and equations aren’t needed and they make noobs think way too much.

Because those springs can’t work and we are talking about safety given it’s a vital suspension component & this is a product advert thread, for all those reasons I care