What is a fair price for Samsung 30Q?

Hi sorry for before is not for group buyer is just a question it is a good price 4.10$ for a 30Q Samsung I just want to know if a good price or is expensive Thank you


Hey there. It’s not a terrible price, how much is shipping?

If you plan to do a build or two you can order from nkon at a quantity of 200 and get it down to 3.57 shipped(3.41 if you don’t include shipping)

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not bad, but I found if u buy from alibaba u can get it around for 3.3 per cell in order of 100.

Possibly fake

is it? Anyone tried alibaba in this forum?

It is everything included shipping charge fee PayPal

Not Terrible then, how many are you planning to buy for your pack?

mahbattery.com has them for 3.91 too if I remember right…

170 but I can go to 200 if is cheaper 4,10$ everything included
Do you have a link

Yea man


200 should bring you to €600 shipped or $737.37

$736.37/200 = $3.68 per cell… sorry conversion between euros my last purchase was $3.57 but still very cheap per cell

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Your price is in $ or € Bc i just look at nkon and is in €

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Hey there. Please check my notes… above :slight_smile:

FIY if we do this I will be in but not sure it can include canada shipping…

It’s not a group buy…he is purchasing on his own and looking for a fair price…

getting ready to order 50 for ~220$ still searching for dealz, need to buy more i guess to get the savings :rofl:

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Yes thank you so much

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It pays off in the end… I’ve rebuilt drill batteries… and lawn equipment batteries, vacuum batteries. Made portable boomboxes… Boards. You find a use for them :wink:

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having vaped for awhile im kicking myself now that i quit

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Why when I don’t use your link I get this price

Wrong website dude go to the Russian one. https://ru.nkon.nl/ Cheaper

https://EU.nkon.nl/ more expensive notice the difference between the link?

ya it was more of a joke, definitly bad for you :rofl: those vtc’s were definitly the bomb i had several!