What is best for 3d print pulley? PETG, Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS?

Hi im going to 3d print a 36 teeth pulley for my Kegel wheels. I have theese choises what do you guys think for strongest material?

I think nylon is used for pulleys, i’m not sure about the others

I use ABS, works great.

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Personally I used colorfabb pla pha boat for pneumatic hubs and wheel pulley. Never had an issue.

i use PETG, works great as well

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Hmm that does not give me any clarity since you all recommend diffrent fillament. Can you list how many miles you have gone through on your boards?

Almost 100km with these in ABS with 100% infill…


Maybe 300 km with c.f pla/pha

something about the 100km so far (petg)

I have used hobbykings NYLON and POLYCARBONATE. The NYLON will not stick to the print bed. Even with a specific airwolf3d NYLON wolfbite nitro. The POLYCARBONATE will stick to normal ABS slurry with minimal warp if you have an enclosed printer at 275c with the print bed at 120c. At least, that has been my experience.

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I think i have come up with a solution. And it is PETG/Carbon fiber.

Do any of you have experience with printing with this?

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i guess you have a 3d printer so i realy suggest that you try normal filament first before going for any expensive filaments.

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and be aware the “carbon fiber” filaments are abrasive - so will wear away your nozzle w/ use. get some spare brass ones if you don’t have a steel nozzle.

I’ve tried a few from shapeways and printed locally w/ 3dhubs in nylon. Still prefer aluminum as the plastic ones skip more when hard braking than same width aluminum reasonably tight. BUT i’m a bigger guy - so YMMV.

The plastic is not so expensive it costs 200 Danish kr which is 30 dollars for 0.5 kg.

Yes i know, but do you think it will harm the nozzle with me only printing 2 pulleys?. My problem with aluminum is that i cant find any pulleys that are created for the Kegel wheel. The wheel is rounded so normal pulleys wont work.

I just upgraded my GF’s board w/ Kegels. Used a DIYes 36t 12mm setup ($50 w/ belt and motor gear). Wish it were 15mm for her single setup (for when i ride it), but works great and better than the previous 3d printed 9mm setup.

a few prints should be fine, but it still can sand/widen the nozzle so just wanted to make sure you knew.

Thanks for both the link and the notice about the nozzle. The one in the link is fairly price but placed in the US and i live in europe, so its no good. Do you know any in europe?

not that i’m aware of. I know @Titoxd10001 had a great 40t setup for Flywheels (i have a few sets and love them), not sure if they were successful enough to have him get Kegels made (cough cough hint hint cough!).

I’d love a 15mm kegel setup… And while i’m dreaming - a 12 and 15mm setup for 107 electric flywheels…

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I have the motor pulley a HTD5m 15 T 15mm pulley but need the special one for the Kegel since it has the curved inward toward the center, so i dont think i can use a normal pulley. Its just difficult to find the right metal one.

An alternative could be to print this using normal 100% infill ABS and the placing a metal pulley on top like this one. What do you think