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What is in your EMERGENCY travel kit for your E-Board?

Heading to TEXAS for a week…and put my emergency fix the e-board kit together…

Tools Extra motor Extra belt Flash light Glue gun … What else?

What would you bring?

Jesus tape! aka. duct tape


A good Taser and brass knuckle, just kidding, extra bearings

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Allen wrenches, programmer for ESC…

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:+1:t2: Check…Good call :fist:t2:

Good shoes so i can walk my shit back to the truck and take my board back to the lab.

Although i do tend to carry about 5 allen wrenches and a skate wrench in my pocket usually. IF there’s room after i put the skittles and coke in there.

but in my experience, other than breaking belts, its always something that i actually can’t fix in the field anyway, like a fried ESC.

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Maybe I should by heelys just in case

And my little bag went to this … :unamused:

A tow strap. Maybe a dog leash?

I need to get an extra esc

Phone number to Uber


Gaff Tape. If you’ve never used it, its what stage audio techs use to setup for shows. All the strength of duct tape with almost none of the residue.

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Heading out to Texas in a few hours…

Have a kick a⚡️⚡️ weekend!

DO SOMETHING DOPE :bangbang::facepunch:t2:


Dial Partner for pick up. But she does charge for that call out.

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