What is included in a VESC?

So I have my parts list, mostly stuff form HB and Ebay, but I am wondering which esc to use and I do not know what I will get if I buy a VESC. Any help is appreciated.

VESC is an ESC. What do you mean?

it depends on who you buy it form.

if you get one form @chaka, he will put any connectors (xt60, any type of bullets, etc.) on it that you like, so you won’t have to buy those seperate. The VESC also comes wrapped in shrink wrap if you buy it from him.

If you get it from Enertion, it will be a bare PCB, and the wires will not have connectors so that is something you must add.

There is a two week lead time on @chaka’s VESC (because they are essentially built to order), and Enertion’s will be in stock for the long haul(Made in large, generic batches to have more available faster) starting the end of November.

http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-motor-controller/ if you go to this link you can read the tech specs. What makes it stand out from other escs is its highly programmable. Half the stuff on the bldc I don’t even know what it does!! But what ever it is you can change it to meet your needs and another thing to look at is the foc thread. The vesc will be able to support foc soon which is a big deal.

So what do I have to do to get Enertion’s VESC ready to run? What needs to be soldered on?

The newer enertion VESC’s have the wires soldered to the pcb (which if the harder part to solder) but the wires that lead to your motor don’t have bullet connectors- they are just bare on the end. The + and - going to the battery has an xt60.

Really, the only wires you need to solder are the motor ones… the shrink wrap on chaka’s vesc helps to not short it out by accident/human errors…