What is the current of a 10s4p battery?


I am configuring my VESC 4.20 plus from Flipsky and I have doubts about how to calculate the value of the direct and peak current that my battery can deliver?

My battery is 10s4p Samsung 25r cells

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You can comfortably output 60a total, or (with a big amount of sag) push 80a total.

I think 20a battery max per vesc is a good place to start

Thank you very much for answering. I consult you, how is the calculation to know that they are approximately 60A?


It’s not good to use 100% of the batteries potential if you want range, and sag free miles. That’s why I said 15 per cell, and then then it’s going to be saggy. Imo, 10a/12.5a(per cell) / 40a/50a (vescs total. Devide by two to get the 20/25a per vesc as I said earlier)

Perfect, there I understood where the 60 / 80A value comes from. Thank you!