What is the main difference between 50mm brushless motors and 60mm brushless motors?

Assume I had had two nearly identical motors and their only differences is one was 50mm and one was 60 mm. What would the major differences be? pros and cons of each?

60mm is the diameter so obviously bigger and stronger if both are same length .

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No words… Just pictures


about 10mm.


larger/more magnets = more power. More surface area also allows for more mass/cooling.

All that logic aside - @Chaka has proven his new 50mm motors are a better setup for some uses. There was a guy here who would overheat on hills w/ 63mm motors, fixed by going down to 50mm motors. Basically it seemed to be overdrawing the ESC (more than it could provide), and the smaller motor was a better option. You’ve got me…


Im about to make my first electric longboard nothing fancy I just want it to be simple and reliable. So what would you recommend? I live in an area that is mostly flat but there are some shallow hills.

Give @chaka’s motors a go… He should have them in stock and you have a choice between 170kv and 200kv…and you can check out his Vecs …best in the business …prob better for you to run 10s … Hobby King Sk’s are always out of stock or back ordered.

10s will give you a wide range of motor options … So, you can easily switch out motors if you find a particular motor isn’t right for you.

Special note…hole patterns in the motors vary…so choose your parts wisely to avoid wasted time and money

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I don’t think I have the budget (at least for now) to drop $165 dollars on a vesc. But thanks for the recommendation. When I upgrade I’ll probably go back to his shop.

I always recommend people look here

I’m sure it needs to be updated a little …but it will help you plan a budget and help you pick out parts that will work together …

Make a spread sheet like everyone first does when they start out…I didn’t have this list so count yourself lucky @evoheyax made it…

It’s hard to stay on budget, but make the right choices…just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it will save you money…so if you have to save up a little more…do it…it will be better in the end.

Staying 6s is the most bang for your buck…ESCs are plenty…but move above 6s…things like ESC choices become limited to only a few ( as you can see by the list) …and you spend more on batteries … Everything else is the same…

this! LOL I was thinking the same thing.

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