What is the problem of passing the ERPM limit?

Hi, this month I discovered that vesc have a Erpm limit because the DRV chip don’t supports more than 60K (Correct me), but this week I finally configured my board (And It works, it works :smiley:) and I saw that you can limit the ERPM-Don’t remember where.

So here is the question, where is the problem of passing the Erpm limit when I can limit it? Would it still be bad for the DRV chip?

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What are the specs of your build?



6s 6.3A/4260 300kv APS/Vesc/ 71mm wheels/ 36/16 037Xl pulleys/ Paris Trucks and some other stuff like Switch and Buzzer

Man, I know that is a Erpm limit, but I wanna know if there is any problem limiting it

There is no problem limiting it. It is advised that you limit it. Perhaps I don’t understand the question?

6s and 300kv is already below the erpm limit 25.2 x 300 = 7560rpm x 7 = 52900 erpm The safe limit is 60000 erpm

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The question is if that would wear out the Vesc and maybe break it, but I think It wouldn’t

I know that it is safe, but everybode said thay the motor would blow, get too hot or don’t have power to run, but it works great

Then its up to you to spread the word and put the myths to rest. Make a video showing your setup and demonstrating its performance. I for one would love to see it.

Sure, but I realized that I bought a belt bigger than the mount :smiley: and after 5 mins the belt was too loose and now I need to wait for the new belt, but I will make videos for sure

what size belt do you need?

It’s a 114XL belt, I already ordered on the local shop, but will be ready in a few weeks

6s with 300kv on a 16/36 gearing should work. it will be a bit of a rocket though. I have built loads of 6S 280kv 12/30 boards and they go quite well.

if all else fails you could gear it down a touch.

and definitely keep your long belt and add an idler. you will thank me later. https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/optimized/3X/e/0/e0c4b1fabf67523b0758897f9623cf9c3446c3ed_1_499x500.jpg

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Sorry, but why? What is the difference between a longer belt and a smaller one?

114XL thats a huge belt

I bought 120Xl but it was big

yeah 120 is huge… I would have thought a 102 or 104 would be a good size.

unless your mount is really long.

Noo, it is not long, but I calculated and the 114 will work perfectly