What is the real time to deliver

Hi riders,

I am just doing some statistics to finalize my forecast, as this summer I will launch my First esk8 project. I should probably use a prebuild as baseline on which I will do some customization, so to identify critical path and try to schedule a realistic project plan I need your assistance and return of experience on time to deliver to Europe from vendors: Bioboard, Lacroix, TorqueBoards Enertion FocBox Unity, enclosure, batteries, wheels, trucks, deck, command, etc…

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start to order now if you want to ride next summer

Edit: I think with it we can close the thread :wink:


Just go buy one from there, I don’t think any customization is needed with those!


MTB: @Kaly or Lacroix

Thane: @e.board_solutions or @mackann BioBoards

DIY: @psychotiller rolling chassis.


Bioboards is one of the options,

@longhairedboy got a review board it ‘scared’ him! Even if I didn’t know the components we’re top notch I would buy one based on that alone :smile:


My few cents:

Check out the enclosures from @Eboosted , Pick one avaible for a board you like. And just like that you got board and enclosure off your list, one of my most sadisfying builds has been my trampa carver and eboosted enclosure, looks amazing.

Personally I assemble my own ESC’s but if you can’t, theres a wide range to choose from.

Battery you either get tools and build yourself or oder from someone here.

BMS and charger is usually from bestech or supower.

Any oder made from china or ebay could run you 3 months of delivery time tho. Best (and most affordable) way to build is to buy parts off other builders. (and horde them obviously)

I think you can count on 100-150 working hours on your board+delivery times. IF you’re unsure of how long an item takes to arrive, I’d ask the vendor.


I don’t know… bioboards, lacroix, kaly etc. for a firsttimer? :roll_eyes:

I started slow and cheap - I just had a look if this esk8 stuff is my thing and getting into it. most of us have several boards so you can up the ante as you go if esk8 is your thing.

I bought a cheap complete board as my first ride.


everybody his own… and if you have the money… why not

i for myselfe can say that i just found my direction with my first board. made things better on the second and from the 3rd i know what i need to order for the 4th to get it how i want :rofl:

but other people might be lucky and find exactly the one and only board with the first one they purchase.


Hi @Andy87,

I am 51 y.o. so if it takes 9 months to get products, 1 year to practice before to request an upgrade… I will near 60 when configuration will be ok. So I have to find whormhole to shotcut delays.

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it was a seriouse answer. if you build your stuff by your own and buy things on back order or plan to get custom made stuff in your build one year is a good timeline. i was waiting 4,5 month on motors only which where on back order…(6weeks for a backorder was written on the side)… I don´t want to know how long people wait for ther unity to arrive etc. etc.

I think you understand by your own that the question you ask, nobody can answer. Probably even not the vendors as they again depend on delivery form others and customs and what ever.

So if you want to know your delivery time than buy just stuff which is in stock, don´t ask for custom made things and don´t ship over boarders.


1 year is actually wery realistic when it comes to building a board. Think it tooked about 8-10 months for me when I was building my first board… But that was 4 years ago… You could build one a lot faster if you buy your parts from members who’s selling their stuff here on the forum tho…

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I’ve bought parts off bioboards, I get good vibes from that company, good communication and the stuff arrived as expected and when expected. If I had a big wedge burning a hole in my pocket I’d be contacting them to find out when they could ship to me, if I had extra I’d be bribing my way up the list, a beautiful machine.

You didn’t list Trampa, they could probably get a board to you by next week. You’d still need to source batteries though, maybe another week from hobbyking if you opt for Lipos. Factor in another week navigating the site and agonising over the million options for wheel /rim/spring colour… Etc :thinking:

I’d say, that’s impossible.

You will know what you like/dislike by trying your first board, then you will begin to build eboards constantly in order to chase your dream board, if you ever find an amazing combination of research, speed, torque, range, comfort, looks then you will be extremely happy and will enjoy it a lot, unfortunately only for a while because you will realize you need more boards for every specific situation and the wheel keeps spinning until complete indigence.


Hi @L3chef @Andy87 and all,

esk8 is a new domain, as my experience book is a blank paper! According to my experiences in other domain, I was thinking that rules should be the same and time is count in days or weeks rather than months or quarter…

ie, When I was working with a shaper to get a new surf-kite board (from blank or to adapt an existing model to fit my body shape and the surf program, delays have nevers exceeded 6-8 weeks.

I was thousands miles away to think that core hardware for esk8 as Unity, desks enclosures motors will require months to get them from vendors.

I trust you as you are on the experimented side, I am going to update my plan, but I am really disappointed to know that esk8 vendors are dealing hardware with eyedropper. Few days ago I was reading that customer were doing beta-testing on motors (TB DD with some issue with sensors), so if beta-testing requires also months between batches, I have to be patient!

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About 70% of the good gear has a long wait so id start ordering now. Some have longer waits than others but dont go for something just because it will ship faster. Patience is key to building a good board. Wait for those good parts its worth it.

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Yah just need to adjust expectations if you want the latest and greatest you’ll need to wait and/or be part of the beta testers/early adopters. You can buy plenty of completes off the shelf (literally and metaphorically), but if you’re aiming for the stars then you’ll need to put your patient hat on :slight_smile:

I’ve been pretty lucky so far and am willing to compromise on parts in many cases for a cheaper price and faster turn-around (I didn’t have steady income when building my board, will probably do a more proper one in the nearish future, but use mine for commuting around town primarily).

Cheap — Fast — Good

you can usually choose two at the expense of the third.

If you want something fast get a prebuilt or order parts which in stock and you will not need to wait long.

But if you want something special than it takes its time. Also consider please that a lot of esk8 stuff is made from guys who doing this as evening thing, one man show after work, with family or other things which need to be handled in life, so progress is sometimes slowly. But that’s how it is. I‘m here one year and maybe older members can confirm that invention and progress was way much more slowly some more years ago.

Really, get a prebuilt to find your way and while you riding the prebuilt you can start order parts for your diy.


Yes, I will , My objective is to get a board that fit my expectation, and not to reduce delay, as it is not yet possible to ride delays :wink: I can imagine that delays requires a lot of time, I’ve sent to lacroix an email yesterday morning, with some basic questions on their boards and availability, no trace of an answer, even a mail saying that they received my email and going to answer in a couple of days…

Do a second market /refurb market exists?