What is the risk on going with a single 5065 - 180 KV motor?

I have a single 6374 on my first build. This second build is for my son who only weighs 130 lbs. Do I need a bigger motor than 5065 if only going with a single motor?

Acceleration will be lower ofc, make sure to set the temp and Ampere limits appropriately and then it’s fine. It’s a lackluster experience once you tried a dual 63XX setup but for a light weight rider crusing and comuting pretty enjoyable.

Your main concern should be braking. Those brakes will be really poop, borderline dangerous depending on your riding environment?

@Russell23 ran a single 200kv racerstar 5065 for a long time. As far as I know he had no problems with it. He’s light as a feather too.

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Yes but Russell rides at 30mph up sheer walls while texting. He’s not a good example