What is the stator size on most commonly used motors?

Hi, so I wanted to upgrade my daily. It currently uses dual rear 6355, I would like to buy some 6374s and while doing my research I stumbled upon this picture:

It is from @Kaly and the original thread can be found here

So I looked at some more pictures and inside an SK3 6374 there is a bell/can support on the inside end of the can/bell. This means that the stator has to be smaller than motors that are the same size right? Even though the SK3 is actually 5986 rather than 6374.

So my point is, which 6374 has the most power? I am looking at APS vs SK3 right now. Does the extra 10mm in SK3 mean more power or is it just consumed by the support thing on the inside?

The extra 10mm on sk3’s are basically just air :wink: I guess the stator size is pretty much the same, but the alien motor is just more compact compared to the sk3

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Yeah most probably… I found this picture that seems to answer my question, it looks like the motors are the same except for the spinning support on the inside of SK3