What is this part use in a VESC?

Does any one know what it’s doing?

How bad is it if a half of the cover of it is broken?

What part is broken? The plastic or the wire

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I think its an inductor coil, and the material is part of the ferrite core.

They’re usually part of power management as I’m familiar with them, but I’m not sure what it’d be doing here.

I’ve had things with chipped ferrite cores before w/o any issues. I think its fine so long as the windings are still all covered.

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That is a 22uH Inductor. I cant really see the broken part though. As long as the golden wire coiled around the housing (the center part) is still intact, it should not affect much.

From the VESC Schematics, its connected to the DRV chip pin 50,51 and pin 52 in series with 100n capacitor. The other end is connected to the 5v rail. So im guessing it’s used for power filtering of some sorts.

Link for the inductor: https://www.mouser.sg/ProductDetail/Bourns/SDR0805-220ML?qs=y9m3SKnhpLMnaY53wPhSdA%3D%3D

Cheers mate!

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The plastic part is broken.

I opened a FOCBOX that I bought for the first time because I read many FOCBOX’s thermal pads are not aligned(I didn’t even powered it yet), and I saw that this part is broken.

Thanks. The plastic is 1/4 broken. :disappointed_relieved:

Looks like the housing have broken off. It wouldn’t really concern me. The windinds are still intact.

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Thanks for the informative answer! I’ll plug it to power today and will test it.

I would still expect it to work, but behavior might not be consistent.

Should be easy to replace. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHOKE-SMD-220UH-Part-WURTH-ELEKTRONIK-744774222/352000302051

I’d just plug it into a low power 12v supply and see how it goes, maybe try and run a motor detection too