What is this thing on the pcb of the mini remote?

What is this thing on the back of the PCB of the Mini remote?

And how do I find another one?

I think I found these before. Google the numbers printed on the side of it.(if there are any)



Anyone else ?

either a capacitor, inductor, resistor, and not a transistor . :smirk:that’s all i know. why you broke it?

Chrystal oscillator


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It seems to be missing from another remote … I guess that’s why it’s not working

A factory fuck up

never heard of that thing. another circuitry bit damn.

Maybe :sunglasses:


It’s a fancy crystal… (ok not fancy)

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That creates the signal that the receiver receives right? Basically like a radio transmission?

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Darn looks like it …

What does it do?

Trip to radio shack?

I don’t know if theyvwould have them. I’d check there website and then call with the part number. (If they have it)

@JohnnyMeduse I clicked the link kinda hoping for some Indiana Jone’s type of shit but was genuinely bummed out to find out they wasted such a cool name on that.

Sorry to disappoint, but here some genuine flux capacitor…


what the number on the top of the good one

Just look at mine and realize that if you have this part on the other side, it is the same but with a different pakage

It generates a frequency. It doesn’t do any transmission or anything like that. You put a voltage through it and i will generate a predefined frequency that you can use to “sample” time.

@JohnnyMeduse how are you finding mg’s no clean flux? I’ve been hating it since the day i started using it. Works like a charm, but its MESSY!

Well, I’ve been using It for the last 10year without any problem… you just need to clean it with alcool and heat.