What JST Connector Is This?

Does anyone know which type of JST connector this is please? I know it’s 11 pin but is it;

XH, ZH, VH, EH, PA or PH (I think it’s this)

I searched Google with “jst connector with lock” and similar ones popped up. Maybe one of them is a picture from eBay so you could find it that way.

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Thanks. I’m actually on JST’s official site now but It’s difficult to navigate and find what I’m looking for and Wiki doesn’t really help either…

Yep, think I’ve found it! Cheers for that, I’d normally head to google first but not sure whey I tried their site first! :confused: lol

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No worries, glad I could help.

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Turns out that connector in the photo isn’t JST PH :frowning:

Does no one seriously not know what this connector is? :confused:

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That is evolves “custom” connector they won’t sell it by itself nor will they sell their bms by itself I have contacted them about it they gave me a price of $75 for the bms but won’t sell it I have to send my board in. They r gay

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I think I may have found a match. I’ve ordered it. If it fits I’ll let everyone know…

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Were you ever able to find out what connector it is?

I found a close match but no cigar.

I ended up taking one and getting a friend of mine who works in an electrical factors make some up for me at great expense!

Dang, thanks for the heads up…atm I think my best bet is to just cut the wires leading to the og evolve connector & splice in the wiring for my new battery into it…Ill use the JST PH 11 connectors I bought for my DIY board project I guess

Did you ever find connectors that would work?

Did you ever find connectors that would work with bgt BMS?

I had to have them specially made at a high cost!

Would you consider selling a set?

these fit well. JST PA


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He wouldn’t. He wants you to think that he has them specially made so that you buy a battery from him. A quick search on this forum, (maybe even google or facebook) will tell you why that’s not a great idea.

Those fit well because they are the exact connectors that evolve’s battery maker uses.

not quite, the clip is slightly different and doesn’t really work buuuuuut its so snug that its not a problem.

someone did link me the exact same plug as evolve on some random Chinese site. there was no translation so i didn’t bother trying to order. I might be able to find it though

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Isn’t this connector the only thing making the Evolve BMS proprietary? If we can get a decent source for the exact thing this would make many evolve owners happy with possible battery upgrades, which I know you do do