What killed my bms

I’ve just had to replace the bms on my new build. It was working fine then after leaving the board turned off the bms died. Voltage was fine but the board would not turn on. The replacement is working fine now. What do you think could have happened to it for it to die while the board was turned off and not charging?

You have a Photo of it? if there are some burn marks on PCB it might be possible to find the root cause of the problem.

I’ve taken some of it apart now trying to test components. So there’s not much left to take s photo of. Just seems really strange for it to go wrong while not under load and not charging.

BMS… battery murdering system. what BMS was it ? I’ve never found an onboard BMS that works adequately. I found it best to balance using a designated charge/balance/discharge unit such as this

These units have an actual balance cycle where it only tries to balance each cell group. not like the onboard ones which cut out due to the charge voltage being reached without much time to actually balance.

Downside is you do have to potentially split your battery and solder in some 5 or 6s balance leads.

If it’s a li ion or lifepo4 battery getting a charger where you can set the charge cutoff to .5v below rated will help with cell life. Actually if it’ lifepo4 you can charge with a welder - those things can handle a beating