What kind of switch can replace the unity's with?

need it be momentary or latching and a certain voltage minimum maybe?

Momentary but I guess you could technically use a latching (it would still only act like momentary though. I doubt voltage will matter for the switch side of things but it wil lfor the LED if you want to install it.

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If you use a latching type switch, you also need to set the auto shutdown to 1 sec (default is 10mins)

So while the switch is latched, it will hold the unity on, when unlatched it will time out after 1 sec (given you’ve set that parameter)

Led voltage doesn’t matter, there’s a resistor on the led unity side


Power is turned on by momentary switch. Just energize between MOMs. image

can rearrange the wiring and use Meepo’s switch. image image

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