What magnets does Hobbyking use?

heya guys! just got my build running fine, super fun and all that, but i hit a bump and my motor (sk2 6374 149kv) started making a grinding sound. I popped it open and it appears as though one of the magnets broke in half. I figure i’ll take this opportunity to upgrade to dual drive, but i want to repair this motor out of stubbornness. Anyone know where i can get a replacement magnet?

This is probably not the answer your looking for but If I where you, I would forget using Hobbyking motors and invest in some quality motors that are designed for eskate and won’t fall apart when you go over a bump.


to be fair, im quite sure that barely any of those so called “eskate” motors are actualy made for eskates. they all seem to be rebrands of some sort.


They come with a keyway machined into the shaft for secure mounting of a belt pulley. The SK motors do not. And it’s just my opinion but I feel that the motors sold for eskate by Vendors in this forum as well as some other sources like Alien power systems are just better quality than the SK motors sold by Hobby King. I have been using Alien power motors for a while now and they have proven to be very good quality.

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You can repair with glue. Loctite has a 2 part glue specifically for gluing magnets to motors ($$$$$). I’ve made a repair with CA glue and baking soda, it held up. The trick is it has to be high temp, and the glue can’t be too thick.

I’ve already said I’m gonna get new motors, I just want to repair this one out of stubbornness. I want to go dual rear drive though, what motors would you recommend for 12s? If I get 190kv Tb motors will I (realistically) break 60k erpm?

190kv at 50.4v is only 67K erpm so in reality you should be fine. If you want to play it safe, just set the max and min erpm to 60k and turn off “limit erpm with negative torque” in the bldc tool.

If I run them sensored they shouldn’t ever reach their max theoretical rpm, so I can have double protection against going too fast. Are the TB ones good? The price on them is pretty nice so I kinda wanna go for that

@longhairedboy sells some nice 190kv motors at a good price. All of his builds are high quality.


all of that is true.

TB’s are good but the LHB motors come with beautiful anodized case and include a sensor cable adapter which you will need.

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also they come with love.

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And as magnets, they use Chick Magnet


perfect. I’ll need to replace my spud with a longer deck to pick girls up on

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just ordered. I’ll probably be buying the mount too in a couple hours.

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i would still like to know what the magnets are though. I want to repair the sk3 and maybe use it for something else in the future

i’m bumping this because i still can’t get an answer. Hobbyking support just threw their hands up and said “Ask the forums”

surely, since some of our members actually have communicated directly with the factories that makes these motors, someone must know the spec of the magnets in them

But HK does make motor for electric skating now, it’s not a brand specific thing, but model choice…sk3 motor are for airplanes, I have lots of airplanes using them in fact…they work great…

measure the magnet size and look at places like rctimer and others who sell the bags of different sized magnets for this use…typically they just come loose and you can glue them on with Loc-tite 480 black max, but if it broke I would get a new motor, even if you find a magnet of the right size it may be of different strength/characteristics than the one used to make the motor. How did it break did you get a rock in there while while riding, that will grind them and break them…

Here’s an example of the magnets: http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=11

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