What makes a electric skateboard fast?

Is it battery,wheels,multiple motors,etc?

It’s mostly battery voltage, motor kv and gear ratio. calc.esk8.it should help you finding our which combination is the best

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It’s the need… the need for speed. I’m sorry.

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It’s watts, pure and simple. You are mainly fighting air resistance, which unfortunately increases with the square of velocity.

You can optimize your efficiency (Watts delivered to actual movement) with larger wheels, better gearing, removing drag from belts, keeping your resistive losses low by higher voltages rather than higher amps… the list goes on as innovations continue.

For example I saw a BMW e-bike with a dual-reduction system designed to allow their drive motor to run at real high RPMs for best efficiency, I was wondering how possible that would be on an esk8…

More motors tends to help in that you can jam more watts in a given space - look at motors over 3000W and they start to get impractically huge

More battery is nice because it allows you to actually deliver those watts

Bigger wheels helps because for a given revolution per second you’re going further/faster

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The real question is how fast do you want to go?

The fear of falling off and getting hurt makes a electric skateboard fast.

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