What makes the NGV Skateboard able to be the world's fastest electric skateboard?

They do use 4 hub motors but some people here have that many motors and are not able to go that fast (NGV can go around 60-70 mph) so how are they able to do it?

More motors (=more power), huge discharge ratings on their batteries (=more power) and high “gearing” by using high kv hub motors.


180kv hub motors.


Doesn’t having more motor only give torque not speed?

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They use lipos and high kv motors, because of this the battery can supply high amps with little space required,

Yes you are correct… it’s all in the kv of the hub motors and the voltage of the battery…

One could argue the amperage of the battery but I don’t think you want to get that technical.

Most DIY builders with 4 motors don’t want to go that fast, so they might have lower kv for better low speed performance.

Has NGV figured out how to keep the urethane from coming off at that speed yet?


Using rollercoaster urathane supposedly which is why the wheels cost $480 to replace

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$480 for NGV wheels? Or rollercoaster wheels? Geez!

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the NGV wheels, which are apparently supplied by a manufacturer of rollercoaster…

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