What motor mount can Paris truck go with?

My local west49 store is closing. They have these Paris truck on sales for $40. I am thinking to pick it up and make a electrical mini board. Any idea what motor mount works on these? Also what size do I need?

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Yeah just search for “motor mounts paris truck”

There isnt alot of options, because of the uneven diameter of the hangar, unforntantly… But if you have acess to a lathe, you can machine down the hangar, like @Eboosted did.

if youve got a bit of time and are a little adventurous I can hook you up

if not, get a RIBPA mount from @psychotiller

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If you dont mind doing some work filing down the trucks, the hobbyking mounts are what im using on my paris trucks. It is pain in the ass to make it align tho. Make sure you measure the angles because you file flat spots for the mount cus they are not adjustable.

@marcmt88 has some that will work I think

Alien power systems also how some mounts, that should fit paris trucks…

Here is one option: :point_down:




Mine align strait and are adjustable.

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Nice, may i ask what size the truck is?

180mm Paris V2