What motor should I go with and 10s or 12s

or with 10s or 12s I am running it with AT wheels and want top speed around 25-30MPH and go up steeper hills 25%+

Get 6374 170kv motors with a 12s4p 30q pack, you never go back.


they don’t make them at that kv for a reasonable price

Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll have some.


what ones will you have

Not ready to make any statements yet, I’ll make a post when I have them.


I mean are they the hobby king ones or another brand

Write down your specs here, use 85% of efficiency

does take into account torque and grade percentage

having met with @psychotiller i think i might go with 10s next time :rofl::rofl:

why, is it too powerful

you can go either way, it really depends on what you want…

Actually it’s more that 12s isn’t more powerful. Just more issues with switches.


I decided to go with 12s 149kv motors as I am running it with AT tires. I need higher torque for the hills around me. You know California isn’t the flatest. Also where are you based out of I live in the SD area

I’m in Lake Forest

What do you mean? Could you develop that idea?

There are a far broader range of motor kv you can use with 10s. Nobody is breaking any speed records on 12s that hasn’t been reached by 10s. And Torque? 10s climbs everything!

My point was, mosfet switches fail more often with 12s systems.


Or if your me, you just get in the same room with them and they fail :grinning:


Sounds reasonable, but there are some limitations on specific cases… for example if you are going with carvons you would not be able to reach same speed as 12s with 10s… but I get the general idea.

Carvon is an outlier. Definitely better with 12s, but mosfet switches still don’t agree.