What’s a good 5-$700 board (preferably belt driven)?

I need a board with good torque and speed (25+ mph) around that price range. I’ve been eying that meepo v3 but I’ve heard bad stuff about it and it’s hub driven but I don’t mind much about that since I’m going to buy cloud wheel if I decide to buy a hub board.

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I think it will be hard to get a belt driven for that money. The Meepo is gonna be as good as any $500 esk8, people will have complaints, and that’s why typically $1000-$2000 is the price.

The Backfire range sell a belt driven (Zealot), but since it has the bigger battery it’s more like $900 .

Wowgo, Meepo and Backfire. Are the ‘big budget’ brands.

Facebook targeted Ads… They know me, and sometimes that’s helpful!

Backfire Zealot is our newly released belt drive electric skateboard with 311wh 21700 battery and 2 x 750w high torque motors. For a limited time only, you can get $200 off discount on the Zealot, now only $699 by using coupon code “ZEALOT200” at checkout.

@noobbuilder Do your own research on this board, but the brand is meant to be okay. And that’s the only BeltDrive board I could find that meets your price.

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Look for a good used one, you might get a better deal.

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You could go for the exway x-1 max riot kit, which is both a hub motor setup, as well as belts. Super easy to swap them out, fun board as well! Only thing is that it has this magnetic charger (like the MagSafe on a Mac laptop) and if that thing gets dirty, it’s a pain to connect. As long as you keep the charging port covered and the charger someplace free of ferromagnetic particles, it’s a great little machine