What’s Causing this 10 volt increase?

On my last ride I saw a 10V increase in my voltage that I can’t figure out. I started at about 44v and rode down to 41v normally, voltage then went from 41v to 51v and stayed elevated for the rest of the ride. Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this?

Running dual Focbox, 12S4P Lion, 190Kv motors, Ackmaniac firmware, Metr to track the ride.

At the end of the ride I was reading 49v on metr. I then turned the board off, waited 5 minutes, and turned the board on again. The board was back at 41v.

Any ideas on what’s happening are much appreciated.

Increase is at 16:08:45

Probably. Crappy series connection in your battery pack…

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I also use the Metr module and app and it always displays my voltage about .5-.6v high.

I had that issue before, there is one bad connection between some of your packs, check that ASAP a bad connection could lead to sparks and possible fire