What size is this motor?

The motor is listed as a 63mm Motor but the printing on the motor says 5335. But it’s mounted on a 63mm mount. I have ordered a 6374 from @Kaly and want to be sure I don’t need a different mount.

It’s not so much the size of the motor as it is the mounting hole spacing you need to worry about. Different 63mm motors can have different mounting hole patterns/spacing.

5335 is a measurement of something else, I believe it was stator size, and maybe something else.

Not sure why it says 5335 right above D:63 mm and L: 64 mm Because that would be a 6364… Right? If you have calipers you should measure it yourself just to know.

Thats what I was thinking!

This is the mount i am running:


Does @Kaly know the dimensions of the mounting screw holes?

Don’t worry for the motor mounting holes My motors have doble holes, so can be use with any esk8 mount you choose.


Wow, those are nice looking motors. I’d be tempted to pick them up if they had sensors.

That is a sexy motor! certainly glad I purchased one now! cant wait to get it.

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They have sensors :slight_smile:

Oh I see the wire now :smiley: How do I pick these babies up?

Woah… you sir… are a genius

Thank you for the compliment, but it is a practical matter. I like to use others vendors parts and sometimes it get complicated. This is a little something to ease that.


Kaly, do you have an email I can contact you on or contact number?