What soldering iron do you use?

I have been through 3 cheap ones in the last 12 months…

So i decided to buy this on ebay. It was about 80 or 90 bucks.

It’s called ESDSAFE 862D+

Looks pretty good. It has a hot air gun also…

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PS i fucking hate soldering… but when i want to solder something, i really like it to work well…

congratulations on getting rid of the toys and getting a real iron.

its seriously a good idea. your soldering will improve now that you have a decent station.

you wouldn’t use this to drill a hole

so why do people continue to try and solder with these?

Its got me beat.


P.S. you may even grow to enjoy soldering (as I do) now that you have some proper tools.


@torqueboards sold me on a hakko- I was genuinely surprised at how much of a difference it made compared to the simple $30 one I had before.

only downside is the $85ish dollar pricetag, but I guess you get what you pay with soldering stations!

plus those sick colors make it more manly, lol.


Its funny the hakko is actually quite a good quality iron. Even though it looks like a bit of a toy.
Not sure why they changed their design. They used to look a bit more solid.


i’m using a $30 radioshack soldering iron and I don’t hate it, but it is kind of terrible. I’ve been wanting a proper station for a while now. Maybe santa clause will bring me one.

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Recently bought this one

Haven’t used it much yet, but seems great for the price.

Hakko = Beast… Best soldering iron ever at an affordable price… Saves countless hours from a weenie soldering iron that can’t get nothing hot. Adjustable temperature gauge is awesome. Similar to the iCharger IMO. High quality yet affordable.

Wait 5-10 minutes to heat up a 5.5mm connector (doesn’t even work still) and/or 3-4 secs with a Hakko :smile:

I have the X-TRONIC #6040 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station. My girlfriend bought it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. It like it.


A good soldering station makes a HUGE difference! I got a decent one about 2 years ago and continue to pat myself on the back for getting the hot air included. Great for heat shrink (what i’ve mostly used it for) and pre-heating pcb’s. Recently i’ve even used it to solder some surface mount SMD!

Mine is very similar to this one:

Mine’s layout differs slightly, and has different solder iron holder. For <70 now (i think i paid around 90). My deciding factor was the seller was on my way home so i picked it up the day i bought it online! Bonus. Had to pay tax, but quick shipping! hehehe


Well, considering the package (iron + hot air), it is also a very cheap one.
Not to say it is bad, but you get what you pay for.
All the 852 (fro aoyue and other brands) are cheap chineese stations.

A real good hot air station is several 100+ $.
But then it depends how much you plan to use it …

Some review here :

As for myself, I have a Weller soldering station : similar to WD81 , the best tool I have bought (more than 10 years ago)
I also plan to buy a cheap hot air station (probably similar to the 852 without the solder iron).

I use this guy; the Aoyue 469. It’s not great, and definitely not pro-grade, but at $30 USD it’s a million times better than a standard non-adjustable cheapo. I use hakko tips with it, and I’ve been really pleased with the results. After getting this I starting to enjoy soldering!

its interesting that “852D+” looks SO much like my hakko unit that I love!
I used to have a weller wsd 81 that eventually fell apart. i replaced it with a
I also have a weller DS 801 and an atmoscope
oh and I have a small gas powered iron for mobile work in cars etc.

but my favorite of all is the Hakko 701-10 that thing is is the boss. the de soldering pump is unbelievably awesome! if you have ever had to remove components without it you will know how awesome it really is. Although with a AUD$1200 retail price, its a little too serious for the average hobbyist.

im actually considering buying one of those $80 chinese hakko clones for science.

bought it at geek android app for $12 singapore dollar .

looks like this . but this is from alibaba .


The key is to have the right wattage irons for the job in hand.

I use a 50 Watt soldering station for all my smaller, and electronic soldering. You can set the temperature which is essential - to have a steady, reliable temperature. You can switch tips and solder tiny stuff to medium stuff with this.

Much like this one : http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/48w-mains-solder-station-n34fb

These stations also heat up a lot quicker than direct mains powered irons.

Then for bigger stuff like like power connectors, XT 60 , XT 90, 4mm bullets etc etc, I have an 80W Weller:


You really NEED a high power iron to solder the bigger stuff properly but be careful, you can melt an XT 60 very quickly :slight_smile:

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I gave up on irons a while ago. Soldering guns can heat up anything.

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If you connect the two mating connectors before soldering you will have a hard time melting the plastic housing on xt connectors. Also the other connector will keep everything in alignment if the plastic becomes soft while soldering.


I use a Weller WD1 85W w/ WP80 iron.

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Mmm that looks like a nice Iron

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