What speedcontroller to get (VESC might not be suitable because of exceding RPM limit)


some time ago I bought a DIY-skateboard from someone. I bought it with the idea of gradually improving it myself (DIY newbie here). The first thing I’d like to change after riding it around and falling hard (wore a helmet and couldn’t stress more you do as well!) is the ESC. Currently it has a 120A boat esc. I’d like to get a VESC but some voices on the internet told me the build isn’t VESC compatible. Could you guys shed some light? If a VESC isn’t possible got any recommendations for a higher Amp ESC?

Build: Battery 6s2p, 22.2 V 10000mah Motor 320kv - Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5065-320kv Brushless Outrunner Motor ESC: 120A boat esc


Problem with a boat Esc is that you will have either no brakes or terrible brakes that will throw you off when you try to apply them And if your planning to use slides to slow down and stop. Remember that an eskate weighs 15-20 pounds

That’s why I want to swap the boat esc before I ride it again. I’d like good brakes :smiley:

Besides, 6s or 25.2v at full charge and 320kv is within the Vesc erpm limit as long as your motor has 14 magnets which is 7 pole pairs. 25.2 x 320= 8064 8064 x 7=56448 Erpm The Vesc limit is 60000 Erpm However, I believe it would be better to have more voltage and less KV to achieve more top speed with better torque. 10s and 200kv 42 x200= 8400 8400 x 7= 58800 Erpm

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The Vesc is really the only way to go for the ultimate eskate experience.

Go with either of these.

The VESC has an amp limit somewhere around 60-80A which is why I wouldn’t recommend it for 6S. You also won’t be able to raise the voltage without exceeding the RPM limit. Either of those should be fine but I don’t think you’ll need 150A since you battery probably can’t output that much. Also make sure you get the programming card so you can setup the breaks and all that.

I have the 120A one but I haven’t programmed it yet. When I do I’ll let you know how the breaks are because without changing the settings their a little weak.

Hobbywing max6

I decided I want max safety so pulled the trigger on buying a Vesc. I am now debating on getting a new motor. From 320kv to a lower kv. Found this one that is 6s compatible and lower kv: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-5055-280kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

I dont really care for the lower topspeed. Is this a good idea and does it have a lower chance of breaking the vesc etc?