What stuff do you want to bring in EU?

I don’t know. They ship flat rate in the US.

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Will check when I get home


Waiting on their reply about shipping Also the shipping from me might be a killer

I just checked 10kg package to uk is 25$ thats for 5 trucks or so

20kg ~ 10 trucks 48$ Someone trusted like you could just forward them to the buyers in UK Waiting on reply from TB, we might squeeze some mounts belts pulleys etc also


Sickboards is expensive. https://longboardshop.pl/pl/p/Rogue-Cast-Trucks-180mm/2878 And they had -15% but can’t see that anymore. They also have good price for Ronins and Kegels.

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So, I have been reading about TB Trucks and there’s a big interest for them in Europe from what I see TB will be the first that we do :slight_smile:

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would be definitely interested in a set of Ollin’s Popocas

I’m working on manufacturing those Nelson Batray reproduction decks with a routed out bottom. I can probs arrange having a bulk amount sent your way.


Thats great! I might be in for one

:+1: For those out of the know:

We’re doing like 5 different cutouts of the same mold. So we’ll have a classic shape and an ‘esk8’ shape.

im getting a set of carvons from the states and the customs in ireland for anything outside of europe is crazy. anyone able help bring them back or even mark post them with different price as a used item

Just find someone trusted from the states


maybe @barajabali want to help you (us) out?

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What’s up?

@stormboard1 Is looking to get carvons to Ireland without paying too much in customs

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Yea sure. Pmd


I just contacted ABEC 11 for their 107mm wheels Price is 140$ per set plus shipping Would there be any interest like 2-3 sets maybe

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Anyone still need Custom-Free stuff from Murica? I guess I’ll be ordering from diyelectricskateboard and bkb but open for suggestions. Space is limited so I am not keen to bring trucks.