What to do with my new 6s2p 18650 Pack?

Hey Guys, I am planning to do a eskateboard or Ebike. Today I found my old laptops …

and I decided to try to grab the battery’s out, because I saw that here in the forum :wink: So let’s see:

So what to do with it? I build an 6s2p pack because I only have a 6s charger…

But now: Do you think I can drive a bit with it? For testing. Or what to do else? :slight_smile:


More likely than not, these cells will have a super low discharge rate something around 2amps. Running in P you’ll get 4 amps.

You need at least 20amps or so to go. You need to run a whole lot more in P to get the amps you need.

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Did a little research and the blue ones seem to be Samsung ICR18650-24E cells. 4.8A max discharge. Definitely too low for esk8.

Ok thanks both of you :wink: And thanks for the research…

So any other ideas to use it?

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Handheld battery pack? http://r.ebay.com/7ksBwN http://r.ebay.com/mY9QOT

Flashlight? http://r.ebay.com/phCMfF

Not sure if these can work with that low of amp draw, but I imagine something out there similar to these will.

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I think it can be wise to use these batteries for some powerful headlights (if you’re a night rider)… Otherwise not entirely sure, mixing could be an option but I have not personally tested this yet

By mixing - combine it with more powerful cells. Info is lacking but perhaps you are willing to take up this challenge and once and for all see and witness does it work or not… been reading / seeing a lot of posts with opinions about it (mostly by not recommending it) but practice should show the truth…

Second option - get more laptop cells! There are people running ebikes and even EV’s (cars) with them… you just need plenty of them, for 6s pack you probably need at least 10 in parallel, I think, if youre able to fit a such large pack, it may work… If the discharge is higher, say, 2.5A per cell (which would stress the regular batteries, I believe), then you could get away with about 8cells in parallel pack, so 6x8 = 48 laptop cells.

Try to harvest as much as you can!

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