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What to do with the freshly delivered Space Cell?

Hello everyone!
Short question.
I just got my battery for the raptor but have no board for the upcoming weeks.
Do you think its a good idea to just let it sit around (32% currently) or should I charge it up?

40% is about the best state to leave lithium based batteries at for storage. 32% is good too. Keep it in a cool/dry place and it should be ready to go when you have your raptor!

Thanks! Ill charge it up for a bit and then its going to see the inside of a cold dark place in my apartment :wink:

40% of 42v ??

For 18650’s I think the recommendation is 3.7 volts per cell for longterm storage

42v is full charge so yes. Unless I’m misunderstanding your question.

@csn All the new 18650 cells I’ve receive ship at 3.6-3.65V. That would, presumably, be the ideal storage voltage from the factory. That’s for Samsung 25R.


You are not accounting for voltage settling after the charger shuts off. Charge to 3.7 and the voltage settles to 3.65v after a bit of time.

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Haha guys! Im a total noob when it comes to these electronics.
My space cell (enertion) is currently 32% charged and my question was, whether to charge it or not until the raptor arrives in a few weeks

And id love someone to explain these 3.65 or 3.7V per something :smile:

Your charging-display monitors the voltage over your batteries.

I don’t know the settings of the voltage meter that enertion uses, but normally 4.1V per Cell means full and 3.3V per cell means emtpy.

4.1V(full) - 3.3V(empty) = 0.8 Volts.
0.8V / 100 * 32(your percentage) = 0.256 V left.
3.3V + 0.256V = 3.556

Your cells seem to be around 3.556V wich is slighty below optimum storage voltage.
If you want, you can charge your battery to 40%, this should also balance out all the cells.

If I’m wrong, I’d be glad to be informed :slight_smile:

Alright! Thanks, seems legit!

Thanks @chaka. Does voltage sag occur without an electrical load? I’m testing all of these cells individually with a multimeter. They aren’t connected to anything yet, just fresh out of the box.

I edited my previous post since using the term “sag” was grossly incorrect and should only be used when describing a circuit under load.

I don’t suspect a factory to trickle charge to a storage state so the voltage will settle quite a bit after charging at 1 amp. If you charge at a much lower amperage the cells will settle much less after removing the charge.

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