What Truck mount do you want most? + What Trucks are Electrified now?

Thinking of trying some trucks other than calibers, these seem like the best options.

What do you think?

  • Surfrods Hex tkp
  • Surfrodz Hybrid rkp
  • Ronin Cast rkp
  • Other (Leave in comments)
  • Calibers are all I ever want.

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I really like the 42 degree 195mm Buck trucks. That would be one of my top choices. Nice specs and very reasonable price.

I’m fine with calibers but what I’d really want to see is a caliber truck in 300mm with extended axles. Hopefully, we see someone selling those soon!


@Ulfberht those look nice, I just grabbed some “used” 180mm 50s for $22 sadly i think the taper on both versions is just a bit too wild for mounting…

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Went riding with a Boosted rider today and just realized Boosted’s caliber trucks have extended hangars! They’re maybe an inch or so larger than standard calibers. I wonder if there’s a way we can our hands on them :smiley:

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was it the original or 2.0? I know the new one is supposed to have “custom trucks for better carving…” so yea probably just wider calibers :joy:

Original :slight_smile:

are you sure youre not on the 160mm? lol or maybe just seeing what you want… :sob:

out of curiosity I emailed caliber, lets see if I get a response.

Back to the topic, Ronin Cast is winning guess i should try these! still, I wish the taper was so crazy…

yea I’m using standard 10"calibers. His was definitely also calibers but wider.

so then boosted got some custom 195mm calibers to make space for the dual motors…makes sense…wide belts too…

if enertion and diy can get caliber clones made, don’t see why they can’t be made in 200mm - 250mm, i guess 300mm but that seems crazy wide… till you put at tires! :sunglasses:

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I like how my own choice came dead last! but it seems like I really need to try ronin!

@whitepony how is your custom epoxy ronin mount holding up?

just great really, I knew it was made to last and it does! even survived a motor<->ground impact :slight_smile:

thats awesome, looks like it might be the best way to go given the wide taper of the ronin.

also unrelated but that spud build is what made me finally grab a new potato 29"(last week lol), wish i had the time/skills to do it all routed and carbon like yours.

lets see what the machinist of @Chris1 comes up with! a properly fitting adapter is of course a simpler and more elegant solution!

about the spud: routing & carbon is really not necessary for a nice build - we are talking about a 5-6mm slimmer board & enclosure which isnt really a big deal. :wink:

yea but i think it would almost be easier to get ronin to change their cast mold than machine an adapter for those hangars…maybe injection molded? that should be as strong as epoxy right?

and i’m not talking about whats necessary, the details… i guess you’re right, we’re not going fast enough to worry about aero yet.