What trucks/motor mounts do people use for 2 in 1 setups?

I’m interested to see what people use for trucks and motor mounts etc for boards you’ve got setup to work with both all terrain wheels and street wheels.

I’ve currently got Caliber clones with Enertion motor mounts and Ollin motors setup in dual diagonal on 12mm belts but I’ve been thinking about the idea of converting my board so that I can relatively easily swap wheel types as needed like the Evolve GT boards.

Obviously I’m going to at least need new trucks for this as Calibers aren’t wide enough for AT wheels. I’ve had a quick look at these Trampa trucks:

Although I’m not sure what there are in terms of motor mounting options for trucks like these. Considering this will also primarily be a street board with a fair bit of footpath riding, I feel like it’d be preferable to get something with a shorter hanger length if possible (I think Evolve use 12" hangers?)

What other options are there out there? Anyone that has a 2 in 1 setup, feel free to post a photo of your board :slight_smile:

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This is my 2 in 1 setup: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-build-using-psychohubs-10s-sensored-foc-video-added/13847/9 I used Surfrodz TKP trucks with the extended axles. I also used tensioners on the belts so I do not have to adjust the motors for the street setup.:+1:


Nice build :slight_smile: How long are the trucks exactly? The link to the trucks on your post looks like it says that the longest you can get is 177mm but I’m fairly sure that’s shorter than standard Calibers? Do you buy any chance have a link to the motor mounts you use?

The truck hanger ends up being 237mm. They have(or used to have) the option for and additional 20mm long axle and spacers. I used a 10mm longer axle then theirs. @psychotiller has the mounts but they are not up on his website. I would say PM him if your really interested.

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And you killed that build!!

I think this is only diy 2in1 I’ve seen…