What Wire gague to use for xt90 anti spark

Hey guys. So I’ve decided to use an xt90 spark plug as a loop key for my build. The Xt90 plugs typically use 10AWG so while 10AWG is a safe bet, I wonder if 14AWG would also work fine (I have a bunch of 14AWG wire lying around but will buy 10AWG if necessary).

Once again, thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

The type of plug doesn’t matter. It depends on how much amperage you’re going to run through them.

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Idk how big of a build you are going to make but 12awg is decent but if you need tons of amperage you need to step to 10awg

False. Specifically in a loopkey application the plug very much does matter 10awg for any battery to esc wires.


XT60 vs XT90 is just the size, no?

It is a different size plug. Xt90 vs Xt90s is the same size but very different. Xt90s is used in the loopkey because it has a built in resistor to mitigate the spark. Xt90 will spark every time.


no the number means the amperage it can hold on


well @venom121212 is quicker on the trigger again haha listen to him

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gotcha. So if for instance I wanted to plug a male XT90 into a female XT60, would a soldered adapter work fine? Not XT90s

Yes, many batteries packs and controllers come with xt60 connectors (annoyingly). Xt60 to xt90 wire adapters are commonly made.

Are you aware of the common misconception between male and female xt connectors?


XT60 and XT90 are different sizewise and amp tolerance wise as well.

XT90 and XT90s are different in the way described by @venom121212 - only the female though.


Didn’t know that, thanks. So I guess to answer OP’s question, 10AWG would be better?

Sure. Bigger is better.

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That’s what she said before she left me

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I have a pretty powerful setup: 12s @ 60c , Vesc and a 6374 motor that can pull up to 70a. So I’m assuming I need 10 awg?

How many amps that go into your motors from the vesc should not affect your choice of gauge going from battery to vesc.

How many amps you draw from your battery to the vesc/vescs is what matters.

yes :rofl:
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Aight guys thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: