What wood to use with a custom deck

So I plan on building a custom deck when I build my own esk8 and I was wondering what wood would be best, I want my deck to be thin as possible with little flex, I plan on spilting the components - like the boosted board and then using copper braided flats to run underneath the grip tape to connect the esc to the battery- is this a good idea?

most custom decks ive seen are either multiple layers of plywood or carbon fibre

I prefer birch(flexier) or maple(stiffer). if you want it to be light, you can use poplar in the center, as there are nearly zero forces.

I use 1/16th of an inch canadian maple veneers for my decks. It’s strong, and has allowed me to create a deck just over 1 inch thick with embedded electronics: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-rocket-4wd-hummies-hubs-4x-chaka-vesc-10s4p-lg-he2-li-ion-cnc-milled-veneer-pressed-deck/8123/62

1 inch might sound thick, but if you use 18650s and vescs, the those are 0.70 of an inch thick off the bat, and you need structure, so a bit over 1 inch is about as thin as you can get it.

Canadian maple

Baltic birch :+1:


Flame Maple! :thumbsup:

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