Whats a fair price to build batteries? (Small Business)

I’ve built many battery packs and have all the tools.

I placed a small ad on offer up selling some of my extra 18650 cells, and on a side note said I can also help build battery packs for Ebikes, skateboards, scooters, etc… I have an inquiry now.

I was thinking $3 per cell labor. What do you guys think?

Eg. 10s2p. 20 cells / $60 labor… Thoughts?

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I’ve been told by a few guys that they wouldn’t build a battery for less than $100 labor.

Don’t undercut yourself. Batterys take time and its somthing most CAN’T do even if they want to.


Ok I agree. I need a pricing model.

$5 per cell labor / $100 minimum (possibly). I’d need to quote parts separately. I’m pretty efficient now at building.

I think most people would bring me their ‘core’ and I would rebuild it…

Thing is that the price should change based on the size of the pack

A 10s2p doesn’t take half the time as a 10s4p even youth it has half the cells


It’s hard to say how much labor can be involved in these situations as you never really know what you’re going to get.

I would definitely have a minimum labor fee In that situation.

Any pics of your work?


I’ll start taking some pictures, as I never intended to build any packs for others. People would need proof I’m good, unless they don’t know whats involved.

The current state of my office with various projects.

My current whips.

Foosted Loaded Build. Rebuilt Boosted extended battery with bestech charge only bms.

Evolve One Limited Edition dual motor. Samsung 30q / bestech bms, Flipsky vx1, Focbox Unity.

Eglide with 10s10p.

Not to mention my other scooters and golf cart with Chevy volt batteries etc.

If doing this as a business make sure to account for losses from charge backs and time spent on support and dealing with any possible return issues, also need to account for shipping problems and just time spent prepping and dropping things for shipping. Know this isn’t anything concrete but things to consider when trying to work out your numbers and see if you will make a profit and if it will be worth all the effort for you.

IMO a fair price depends on the quality of the product and support the company can offer in case something gets past QC, but in general look at what people are currently charging as well for a given pack size or type of cell in a battery and see if you are competitive from there.

I’m thinking just a local service, and to some of the facebook groups I’m on. It’s just a hobby for me for fun, but I can help a few others that need some help for a few bucks on the side.

Have seen a lot of projects on the forums here where people are doing something for themselves and then decide to test the waters with growing it a bit and then get bit when they are suddenly committed to sending out 100s of devices and dealing with returns/repairs/issues, but have also seen projects go pretty well and slowly grow so would just make sure you keep an eye on capping incoming orders and don’t over promise and under deliver (do the opposite).

Batteries have extra issue/complications when it comes to shipping so be prepared for that before you commit to sending anything anywhere as well.

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The only way to figure the price for a battery pack is parts plus labor charge, the labor charge should be based on time. After building a few you will find that you can accurately guess how long a pack will take.

Personally, I’m so dammed picky with batteries, and honestly do not like building them, that I wouldn’t build them for less than $70 an hour.

A 12s4p with charge only BMS, after the cells are glued together, takes me about 4 hours. It’s about 240 in cells and supplies, at 70 an hour for 4 hours that’s 280, 240 plus 280 = $520 total, at a minimum.

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so far i’m losing money on building batteries.

i’m too nice to charge more, and adding in all the support time, it’s a net negative for me so far.


I honestly can’t see building batteries for profit unless it’s a specific config and layout for a commercial builder.

There are far too many bad battery builders around that will understand cut quality builders for a good builder like @thisguyhere to make any money.


thanks mike.

yea no one’s making money from this. i just needed a way to keep using all the tools and shit i got to build my own stuff.

suppose if you can make just one type of battery, it’d be easier to scale and build in mass but everyone wants a custom pack.


Great honest input guys!


A 10S4P takes me about 8 hours all up my spot welder heats up after 100 welds and I do 2 or 3 layers. I am hoping my next pack be will quicker using PCB’s if i had to option to pay someone with way bettery battery mojo $100US to build my next battery to my requirements I would jump at the chance.

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