What's C👀L to do or see on an Electric Skateboard in your City? SHARE!

I thought it would be cool if we could share some cool stuff to do and see in our own towns…

Looks like we span the globe…so if I make it to your neck of the woods…I’d love to check out your suggestions!

I live in Las Vegas…many of you know it for the gambling, buffets and more gambling lol. Summer is coming and riding during the day…pretty much sucks…it’s hot…like ‘stick your head in the oven’ hot…So, I had to think of alternative times to ride…

Riding at night here in Vegas…specifically Downtown Las Vegas and the Art District…is pretty cool…the sights and sounds of Vegas without the restriction of being in a car…it also allows you to notice things you wouldn’t normally see…like the Graffiti Art strewn from the Stratosphere to Fremont St.

Below are a few pictures from the LV Art district and DTLV … Hope if you bring your board…and take a unique evening electric skateboard ride in Vegas!

Happy Memorial Day to all my US peeps :us:


Badass man!! I’m planning on going on some night rides once I get everything mounted a bit better around my college campus. Should be posting a lot of YouTube videos. Im probably the only one in my city with an electric longboard. Took it out for a spin with everything temporarily taped up and was already getting some weird looks :joy:

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Check out this thread of videos of you haven’t already

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Thanks for sharing! Great photography. Vegas… so perfect for night cruising.

Love the lights on the board

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Madrid, España

Tapas bars galore - Jamon Iberico Bellota is a sick cured ham that is stellar with a Mahou - The madrid beer-/not much flavor but goes down like water in crazy hot summer here.

The Rio Mazanares is a nice park along a inner city river- big open walkways and has the royal palace at one end and Matadero - an old meat packing plant turned class/ art display/ bars/ art zone at the other . There is a skate park along the way.

Sundays they shut down a few big streches of road where there can be some sweet carving - parke oeste, and retiro come to mind first.

Park Oeste

Calpe in the south of spain has some nice beaches with boardwalks to ride on…


In Helsinki there is lots of shoreline next to the ocean to cruise around.

And the Helsinki 400m velodrome (built for olympics) is good example of functionalist architecture. The velodrome is not in perfect condition but it is free of charge :slight_smile:


So beautiful man

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Yes pleas post pic!!!

Where’s those photos @monkey32?

U would want to be careful getting a lap dance whilst riding that at 30MPH but at least u would have airbags to protect you

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Goddamn it I was there for the bullrun last year! I was like wow that’s nice… wait I was there ! I kinda remember it I could have totally ridden your board away while drinking Mahou and skating away from a bull ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwtzdddkHWU


Wish more people would add to this :grinning:

get lunch with Jason: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHYys0RjZL1/?taken-by=cadenmatson


My favorite route in LA is starting by my place and going down abbot kinney blvd, then taking venice blvd to the beach, cruising up the beach bike path/boardwalk till you get to Rose Avenue right before the boardwalk ends, take that to Main Street and head north till you get to pice or ocean park, then hop over to to ocean avenue, ride up broadway to like, 11th or 17th street, then head north to wilshire and ride that to 4th street, head north to Marguerita , then head west back to ocean avenue. Take ocean till it ends, but go right on Adelaide instead of down into the palisades. Stop and enjoy the awesome view, then head up adelaide to 7th, then take 7th to Montana, head east on Montana and take it all the up into brentwood where it intersects with San Vicente, then follow san vicente through brentwood till it turns into federal, take that to Santa Monica blvd, turn right on sawtelle and take it to olympic, the take olympic to westwood, go north till you pass over wilshire and into westwood village, then when you’re bored take wilshire east to Thayer, thayer to Santa Monica, then Santa Monica to wilshire where they intersect in beverly hills. go up and down every road in downtown beverly hills, see all the pretty things, then basically ride Santa Monica blvd east till like, highland. go north into hollywood, see some stuff, then santa monica blvd all the way downhill back to santa monica, head down to the beach bike path, ride all the way down the beach, then go back home. There’s a million and a half coffee shops/bars/libraries to stop at and charge on the way. can’t wait to do this on an electric board. great exercise on the push board though

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Share your story

B u m p b u m p


LA River bike path runs along the 5 fwy for about 7 miles. During rush hour you can cruise faster than the freeway is moving! :smiling_imp::sunglasses:


That’s a hell of a ride!

Redondo beach esplanade to Manhattan beach pier is a great ride with a couple different options depending on how busy the boardwalk is. The whole southbay is pretty esk8 friendly. Some day I’m going to ride from Redondo to Venice along the boardwalk.

Hey, that’s were we are going this Sunday! :+1: