What's my Mall Grabber worth?

Hi fellow builders.

As I’m starting yet another build, I’m considering to sell my small Mall Grabber build. You can see detailed specs and build procedure here (scroll down in that thread to see latest upgrades), but to sum it up it features:

Single drive SK3 168Kv esk8.de VESC 4.12 Enertion Trucks painted black Orangatang Kegel in purple esk8.de Kegel pulley, 15mm belt, 15/34 teeth pulleys 2x5S Turnigy Graphene 5000mAh Benchwheel remote 3D printed enclosure, that’s actually surprisingly durable. (probably because I printed it T H I C C) Custom griptape.

I’d probably regrip it (since it’s my own logo), and repaint the trucks if someone were to buy it.

Only difference from the build thread, is the 3D printed LED risers that I never finished, as well as the charging ports for my 10s charger. The LED strips have also been removed, since they were very bad quality… See below:

What’s it worth, and would it be better to part it out?

Thanks :smiley:


If your parting out, dibs on kegels

Also probably around $350-$450

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that is wicked bro, how long is the board

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It’s 22 inches :slight_smile:

just curious, what region are u in

EU :slight_smile: Specifically Denmark

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Are you selling the build or parts buddy?

What speeds and range are you getting out of this one?

@moon I will let you know next week!

@zeno Around 41 km/h and longest ride is 21km, but that was also pushing the batteries. :slight_smile:


I think this one is cool looking board, would be sad to just part it out… im sure it is small enough to be shipped with a courier inside of Eu…

Not sure whenever u include charger as well… but I would suspect no less than 500-600 eur for this one

I think it’s a $350 build if it comes with a hobby-style charger — and a $450 build if it has a BMS and a regular 2-wire charger

Just my opinion. Might want to mention the wheelbase (truck bolt to truck bolt, the closest two) though


Yeah, I also personally think the charging solution will be a dealbreaker for many, but it was perfect for me and my setup :slight_smile: Thanks for your estimates! I’ll let it sink in for a bit, and see what I do then.

edit: Standard Caliber 50 clones regarding the wheelbase btw

the wheelbase will be a number of millimeters or inches, not 50 degrees

Yeah, I know, just too lazy to research what the wheelbase is on standard Caliber trucks. :wink: edit: oh shit you mean between the two trucks? edit 2: I’m stupid, of course you do… wheelbase is 46 cm too many paint fumes today…

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@Jedi You are welcome to offer insight as long as your comments are not offensive or abusive.

why just 350 ? I think if you count every component he has used on his board, they are quite high tech :wink:

VESC… 70 - 80 eur.

Graphene batteries : At least 60 - 70 eur…

Mh what else… the board itself and wheel + pulley and motor system… that alone should be at least 150 eur for sure…

  • … on top of it all… the design itself… is worth something, check that enclosure… I cant confirm, but it does look almost psychotiller quality one… at least I think ive seen similar plastic ones made by him awhile ago…

Mainly because the deck appears too short to have wheel cutouts and it doesn’t have a tail

These look like funny reasons to decrease a price of some item… :smiley: I think every board might have a few flaws… until they get fixed in a way

I mean, for me, this would be a massive hinderance to enjoying it, so I wouldn’t pay as much. But that’s only my opinion. Hopefully someone loves it

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@fraannk dips on the remote and if moon is not from the EU, I’d also take the kegels + pulleys :smiley: !

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