Whats the best cells for my setup?

So, now I decided to go li-ion instead of lipo since I want a build that can last for minimum of 2 years of daily commuting if its even possible ( is it?) I know lipos won’t do it and I’m willing to invest a little bit more for long life. so I know how it works and I’ve read a bit about liion packs but I don’t know how to build one… can any one link a video and is it possible without a spot welder? normal solder and soldering iron?

most importantly I want a 8s pack for a 245kv sk3 and I have no idea which cells are good for my setup and how many I need or where to get them. Don’t want my motor to starve and looking for maybe 10km range, lightweight commuting bild and don’t break the bank most of all. Live in eu. thanks

I’m running 8s 10ah lipo on a tacon 245kv. it needs at least 40-45 amps from the battery to get good performance and even then it struggles on hills.

if you want li ion you should go for higher V for lower A.

10km is really not much tho, a cheap lipo is probably the best bet still. i’ve had mine going for a year, still good capacity with everyday riding!

From personal experience - 8-10km is not much.

I would strive for 15-18km battery range… and then you can use only 10km of range from the battery and thus save its life!

Im not sure what your daily commuting needs might be… but consider that with bigger battery you wont put as big strain on it when discharging + you wont need to charge it as much in the long run…

If you use regular hard urethane longboard wheels… I assume you might need max about 200wh battery?

200 wh / 10-12wh = ~16.8 - 20km

Some cells offer 10wh output… so you would only need 20 cells for this, depending on arrangment, i assume for 8s setup, you might want to use at least 3P, config, so that would yield even more range… but power demand should also be noted…

So far I can only recommend Samsung 30Q cell… it has decent power output and nice capacity.

The next one might be MJ1 cell.

If you build 4P pack (8s4p = 32cells)… then I think power output should not be a problem… unless you have really demanding environment (hills etc)

You can take a look at datasheet here:

at 10A, it should still offer 10wh of energy per cell… so 24cells should yield about 240wh of available power…

Its not only possible to solder a battery it’s arguably the best way done correctly with a powerful iron. I would start with this first.

I don’t think there’s any 18650 manufacturer out there who has ever recommended soldering their batteries.

I would never do it and I would definitely never recommend that someone else does it. Especially if they don’t seem very experienced - which OP doesn’t.

And why would it be any better than spotwelding, if the spotwelding was “done correctly” as well?