What's the BMS model SPACE cell use?

Hi all,

I purchased the SPACE cell (1st gen i believe) from Enertion last year and finally put my board together this spring. After a few rides it seems like it won’t charge any more. It still power on and power the VESC and motor, it just won’t charge when it is plugin. I have tested the power supply and confirmed that is not the issue. Any idea how should i trouble shoot it? Also, does anyone know what’s the model number or how can i get the model number for the BMS if i need to replace it?


uhh I think you’re using a 6s charger. The space cell is 10s

Does the battery percent display go up to 100 when plugged into the board and back to 0 when unplugged?

No, it doesn’t show anything when plugged in, just blank.

It’s problem then your bms, I only ask because for me it was only a bad cell

It can turn on tho. Anyways, do you know the BMS model so I can replace it?

Am I? That’s the charger it came with. What’s the 10s charges output?

From your picture looks like it’s outputing 25.8v which is closer to 6s voltage (25.2v). Are you sure you didn’t pick up a different charger on accident? A 10s charger should be outputting 42-42.5v

Ya. The output is 25.5v on the charger…let me check I might have grabbed the wrong one. Purchased so many battery packs over the year.