What's wrong with my board?

It seems to work fine when I’m not on it, but when I step on, it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help me out?

it’s cogging.

does it work if you push start?

did you set it up sensored?

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It doesn’t work if I push start it and it should be sensorless. It was working before but my motor pulley fell off so I got a new grub screw and put it back on and adjusted the chain tension but for some reason it doesn’t work now. Both chains should have a good amount of slack, they’re not too tight but there’s a tiny bit of slack.

it actually looks like it’s spinning, but doesn’t look like the motor pulley is gripping the chain (it’s free spinning)


first thing to do is open it up, run motor detection again and see if throw any faults.

make sure motors are unweighted when doing that.

also check battery voltage, even do a drift check, make sure nothing’s going on with your pack.

cogging like that can sometimes happen when it’s under voltage.

well hell, if @Jinra’s right, then that’s an easy fix.

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So I need to tighten my chains basically?

make sure motor pulleys isn’t spinning freely on motor shaft.

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can you take a close up pic of the motor pulley, does it even have teeth?

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you can see the motor pulley spinning and chain not moving. probably no teeth as jinra said

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Oh geez, anyone know if Ace sells them? lol


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damn that one is fucked :grinning: How´s the chain?


The chain’s in good shape, I have another motor pulley that matches the other one but the hole is too small to fit :frowning:

I think my friend just used a hammer or something to make it fit, maybe I’ll do the same…

Press drill it

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The only tools I have is a hammer, a screwdriver, and some allen keys :stuck_out_tongue:

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No! don´t hammer it

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Aw man, okay. Do you know where I could find a motor pulley locally or do you know how to expand the hole without a drill?

That may be the problem…

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where you from? 8mm motor shaft? hmm. looks like 10mm

Should be 8mm, the hole of my fucked up motor pulley is roughly 5/16 of an inch and my motor is a torqueboards 6374. I’m from Davis, CA

yup thats 8mm… I guess ebay is your best chance to score one

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